Emerge as a Premier Center of Knowledge – University of National Importance, for International and National Stakeholders Seeking Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable World Order

  • Mission: To identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategic and security culture through continuous enhancement and development of educational, research and training cadres from the security, police and civilian society.
  • Purpose: Holistic Security and Strategic Education is important for the Overall National Security. National Security is an Enabling Driver for Nation’s Peace, Prosperity and Stability. A Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable Nation is Essential for a Similar World Order. To contribute towards creation of Indian Defense Force Culture.
  • Functional Motto: Visionary, Committed and Enlightened Faculty from Civilian and Security and Police Organisations to Provide Best Public and Private Strategic Security and Police Services to the Nation and the World Peace, Prosperity and Stability in general.