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School of Physical Education, Sports and NCC reflects mission and ideology of the institution in our vision and strongly resolute and is committed to contribute for providing scientific background, being on forefront by preparing the students and existing recruited international security and police officers to be the future of the law enforcement by becoming police personals or internal security personals in India and to accelerate the essence of research oriented knowledge in the field of internal security and armed forces to set a benchmark worldwide.


Provide individually designed training program for those who are preparing for different post in Gujarat Police services and for other internal security forces. Implementation of Scientific selection procedure to bring the best police officers and professional from all across the nation. Implementation of principles of Exercise Physiology, Exercise Psychology and Sports Training in order to bring out the best from individual trainee. Inspire and spread the idea of maintaining the holistic health among the students and the staff members of Rashtriya Raksha University.

About School of Physical Education, Sports and NCC

I wish as the I/c Director of the School to extend a word of warm welcome to all who read this message and especially to all those students who loves to play sports or who wants to join security forces in future.

The school was established in 2017 in response to enhance the standard of sports and to train the young students who want to join and cater their life in security forces in order to serve the country.

It has been well established that to join or to serve any of the security forces a personnel requires lots of physical fitness such as endurance, strength, speed, agility, co-ordination, balance, reaction and flexibility as well as a variety of skills such as marching, weapon handling, sports skills and many more. Keeping all these aspects in mind, the department majorly focuses on training to make the students physically fit, so that they can clear all those competitive examinations, where to clear the physical fitness test is a criteria; focuses on skills such as weapon handling and marching, which will teach them the pivotal role of discipline and control over their body, soul and mind in their life and while serving in the security forces.

Our school also exclusively focuses on the development of sports skills for all those students who want to make their career in sports or want to play professionally and ultimately, wants to bring laurel for themselves, for the university, state and for the country.

Programmes & Course Objectives
  • PhD in Physical Education (Minimum 3 Years)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fitness Management – 1 Year
  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports – 3 Years
Visiting and Eminent Speakers
  • Shri. Mahendra Vasava – July 2016 to April 2018
  • Ms. Namrata Acharaya – July 2016 to April 2018
Expert Lectures
  • Ms. Laxmi Sri Pandrala – 10/10/17 on Nutrition
  • Dr. Rakesh Tomar – 28/12/2020 on Importance of Nutrition for Aspirants and Professionals of Internal Security Organisation.
  • Mr. Ankur Singh Saini – 28/01/2021 – Basic Concept of Strength Trainin
Upcoming Academic Courses
  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports (B.P.E.S) – 3 years
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fitness Management (PGDFM) – 1 year
  • Certificate Course in Fitness Management (CCFM) – 1 month
  • Certificate Course in Musical Instruments (CCMI) – 1 month
  • Certificate Course in Drill Training (CCDT) – 1 month
  • 3 Days Certificate Course in Nutrition.
  • 3 Days Certificate Course in First Aid and Rehabilitation.
  • 2 Days Modern Fitness Trends for Internal Security Organisation.
  • 15 Days Fitness Training Programme for RRU Faculty and Staff Members (April 2021)
Facilities and Sports Infrastructure at RRU

RRU is spread across 240 acres of land on the bank of Meshwo River. Currently the University is having the following sports facilities and infrastructure:

  • Two Volleyball Courts
  • Two Kabaddi Courts
  • One Kho-Kho Ground
  • Two Table Tennis Tables
  • Carrom Boards
  • Chess
  • One Cricket Pitch
  • One multi equipped Gym comprises various common gym machines, three commercial treadmills, and free weights
  • Variety of Training equipments for fitness development are available

The following are the sports facilities and infrastructure are under construction:

  • One Football Ground
  • 400 Meters Cinder Athletic Track
  • One Handball Ground
  • Two Tennis Courts
  • One Kho-Kho Ground

RRU aims to have international sporting and gym facilities upcoming years including Indoor Sports Complex comprises of (yoga, wrestling, judo, badminton, boxing, aerobics, zumba, squash court, billiards, snooker, and shooting range), Swimming Pool and Standard Synthetic 400 meters athletic track, basketball courts, complete human performance testing lab, physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre etc.

Adventure sports, rock climbing, obstacle course and other sports facilities will also be created in upcoming years, specifically for armed, internal security and paramilitary forces as well as for the state and central police forces.

Besides, the University has trained eligible and skilled coaches of different sports.

  1. Won five times Gujarat State Republic Day parade competition at various places and praised by then Honorable Chief Ministers – Palanpur (2019), Mehsana (2018), Dwarka (2015), Bhavnagar (2014), and Himmatnagar (2013).
  2. Won once the Gujarat state Republic Day Tableau competition at Himmatnagar (2013), Honorable chief Minister Honor the RRU Contingent.
  3. Participated in the All India and West Zone Inter-University Competitions at various places of India in the sports like athletics, kabaddi, volleyball, taekwando, wushu, tabletennis, and kho-kho from 2016 till date.
  4. Participated and won many Medals in Khel Mahakombh and Khel Gujarat Competitions, State Level Competitions and open invitational competitions.
Academic and Research Programmes
  1. MPhil in Physical Education (1 Year)
  2. PhD in Physical Education
Dissertations undertaken at the School
1. Does Rashtriya Raksha University participate in the States, National, and Inter-University Competitions in sports?
Yes. RRU sends the teams to participate at the state, national and inter-university competitions in sports such as Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Athletics, Cross country, Table Tennis and on Few More. Depending upon the performance and potential of individuals, the University sends individuals too to participate in the States, National, and Inter-University Competitions. RRU envisages virtually every type of physical game and sports at its campus. Our plans are under progress.
2. What kind of physical training is imparted at the Rashtriya Raksha University?
RRU SPESN teaches and looks after various aspects such as physical fitness development which includes components such as endurance, speed, strength, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, etc. as well as other skills such as weapon training, yoga, parade drills, policing skills, self defense techniques and skills of various sports.
3. What are the Courses Offered by School of Physical Education, Sports, and NCC?
For the academic year 2021-22, SPESN offers three academic programmes – PhD, BPES and PGDFM.
4. What are the sports facilities available in the Rashtriya Raksha University?
RRU is spread across 230 acres of land on the banks of Meshwo River. Current sports facilities include, 400 meters clay athletic track, two Volleyball Courts, two Kabaddi courts, one Football Ground, two Kho-Kho Ground, one handball ground, two tennis courts and two Table Tennis Tables, carom boards, chess, one cricket pitch and three multi equipped Gym comprises of various highly sophisticated gym machines, commercial treadmills, and free weights. RRU aims to have international sporting and gym facilities including Two Synthetic Tennis Courts, Indoor Sports Complex, Swimming Pool and Standard Synthetic 400 meters athletic track, Basketball Courts, Cricket Ground. Besides, the University has trained eligible and skilled coaches of different sports. Adventure sports, rock climbing, obstacle course and other sports facilities specifically meant for armed and paramilitary forces and polices are being created.
5. What are the advantages and credits, adding in the process of recruitment in Gujarat police, by the school of physical education, sports and NCC?
RRU students get benefits in the recruitment process in Gujarat police such as 5 marks at the constable level and 15 marks at the PSI level. Apart from this, if any student participates in the Inter-University Competition and represents the Rashtriya Raksha University then additional 5% marks will be given to the student in the recruitment process as well as students develop his/her fitness level and can obtain complete 25 marks at constable level and 50 marks at PSI level.
6. Who can provide more information about the sports infrastructure, facilities, and assistance?
Mr. Gaurav Singh, Mr. Avinash Kharel and Ms. Tanvi Singh – Assistant Professor can be contacted for more information.
Annual Sports Fest
Sr. No. Year No. of Sports No. of Events Best Athlete (Boys) Best Athlete (Girls) Best (Staff) Athlete Championship Overall
1. 2015-16 6 26 Mr. Hariram Singh Ms. Kajalben Parmar BASM
2. 2016-17 6 26 Mr. Hariram Singh &
Mr. Chandrachudsinh
Ms. Amita Vekariya BASM
3. 2017-18 8 32 Mr. Ankit Bhoye Ms. Komalba Zala Dr. Sumit Kumar
Pratap House
4. 2018-19 7 35 Mr. Aashish Nimavat Ms.Kajal Chauhan Dr. Sumit Kumar
Azad House
5. 2019-20 10 40 Mr. Gautam Madhad Ms. Ashtha Chuhan Dr. Sumit Kumar
Pratap House
Five Year Research Plan
Sr. No. Area Research Work after Establishment of School from 2017 till now (3 Years) 5 Year Research Plan by SPESN (2020 to 2024)
1 PhD Supervision 3 Research Scholars pursuing PhD,  1 MPhil Degree Awarded At least 4 PhD Scholars are likely to complete their Degree within five years
2 Research Articles Publication 4 Research Articles Published Will try to publish at least 10 research articles/ Papers in the leading journals or UGC Care listed Journals  
3 Book Publication Will try to publish at least 1 book with leading publication house  
4 Research Lab Try to Establish Human Performance Lab within RRU
5 Expert Lectures 10 Expert Lectures were delivered on Sports Sciences & Research Methodology areas across India Will try to deliver 20 Expert lectures/ Guest lecturers across India  
6 Research Program Organize Conducted 2 Research Programs funded by ICSSR & KCG, in collaboration with R&D, RRU Try to organize 5 Research Programs  
7 Research Data Base Try to create Data base in the area of Sports and Internal Security
8 Research Projects Submitted 2 Research Proposals for the Minor Projects to Central Funded Government Agencies- BPRD & ICSSR Will apply for the research projects in the external funded government agencies – ICSSR, KCG, BPRD, DRDO & UGC
9 Paper Presentation in Conferences Presented 6 Research Papers in the International/National Conferences Will try to present at least 10 Research paper presentations in the International /National Conferences
10 Workshop/ Seminar Conferences Attended Attended 10 workshops, seminars, conferences on Research Methodology and Sports Sciences Will try to attend at least 25 workshops/Seminars/ Conferences
11 Organize Conferences Organizing Member of 2 major International Conferences- ICPS & SASCV  Will be the part of the organizing committee in the  5 International or National Conferences
12 Orientation Program/ Refresher Course/FDP Attended 5 Programs Will try to attend at least 10 Orientation/Refresher/FDP Programs
13 MOOC Courses Will try to enroll and complete at least 1 distance learning course
14 Purchase of Research Equipment   2 lakhs 20 lakhs 20 lakhs 50 lakhs 10 Lakhs
15 Collaborations with other Organizations/ University Will try to collaborate with at least 5 International/ Indian Organizations / Universities for Research and Training programs
Research Projects
Contact us

Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

I/c Director, School of Physical Education, Sports and NCC

Rashtriya Raksha University,

Lavad, Dahegam, Gandhinagar – 382305

Phone No. – 079-68126800, Ext: 216

Email –

Research Scholars


Batch: 2018-19

Mode: Part Time

Guide: Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

Status: Pursuing


Batch: 2018-19

Mode: Part Time

Guide: Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

Status: Pursuing

Current Job details: Assistant Professor, School of Physical Education, Sports and NCC, Rashtriya Raksha University


Batch: 2018-19

Mode: Full Time

Guide: Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

Status: Pursuing


Batch: 2020-21

Mode: Part Time

Guide: Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

Status: Pursuing

Dr. Gaurav Singh Kushwah

I/c Director, School of Physical Education, Sports and NCC

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Visitor Feedback

I was impressed seeing the list of course at Rashtriya Raksha University. The efforts put in to develop the sporting infrastructure is also something I admire at RSU.” – G C Shah (Retd. Sports teacher, Devgadh Baria, S R High school)

Rashtriya Raksha University is in process to provide one of the best sporting facilities for the students, and in addition to that, they have an amazing faculty & staff.”- Saharsh Shah(World Athletics Lecturer – L1)

It was an Honor for me to visit Esteemed University on your kind Invitation. I was really impressed with amount of infrastructural planning which is under process to marshal the university and its students for an elite class of overall learning experience. I could sense the amount of passion and excitement in all the staff members, I met during my visit. Best wishes for all the future Endeavors to Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.Shakti Chauhan,(Football Coach & Educator, All India Football Federation)


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