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Vision & Mission

Emerge as a Premier Centre of Knowledge – University of National Importance, for International and National Stakeholders Seeking Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable World Order

To identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategic and security culture through continuous enhancement and development of educational, research and training cadres from the military and civilian society.

Programmes and objective
    Degree Programmes
  • Bachelors in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Post Graduate in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • PhD in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Specialised Courses for Armed Forces (Through Training Institutions)

  • Certificate Courses
  • Statecraft, War and Strategy
  • Peace Keeping
  • Special Operations
  • Defence Intelligence
  • Military Technology
  • Defence Acquisition
  • Military History and Media
  • Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism
  • Military Legal Studies
About School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies

School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS)
The School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS) carries out academic, research and training programs in the field of defence, strategy, and security studies. SISDSS provides an opportunity to study war from a multi-disciplinary perspective, from statecraft to strategy, deterrence and warfighting, strategic leadership and communication, military technology and capability development, military history and media.
To begin with, SISDSS is currently conducting the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programme in Defence and Strategic Studies and a practioners’ PhD program. SISDSS will help the participants to develop skills that will enhance employability, aid professional-career development and help preparation for postgraduate studies and research. SISDSS is engaging in applied research in the domain of defence and strategic studies aligned with requirements of policy makers and military organisations.
In its pursuit for excellence, SISDSS will develop close relationships with military training institutions, other academic institutions, defence industry, industry bodies, research and development organisations, think-tanks, and policy-making bodies in India and around the world. In collaboration with military training institutions, SISDSS is curating specific certificate, diploma and degree programs, designed for professional military education of the armed forces.
An underlying theme in the functioning of SISDSS is the promotion of gender balance in security professions. Specific initiatives are under consideration to promote international cooperation in collaboration with the UN and the BIMSTEC, ASEAN and SCO.

Visiting /Emeritus Resource Faculty
  1. Ajay AK
  2. Barot Hetkumar Panikajbhai
  3. Chande Priyankaben Dhanjibhai
  4. Chauhan Mihir Rajnikantbhai
  5. Chudasama Pavan Kamlesh
  6. Esha Sharma
  7. Jadav Rachitkumar Maheshbhai
  8. Jadeja Nishaba Rajendrasinh
  9. Jani Nilang Pareshkumar
  10. Kapadiya Pooja Jayantibhai
  11. Kinley Wangchuk
  12. Maheshwari Chintan Dinesh
  13. Maheshwari Poonambahen Masheshbhai
  14. Makwana Adarshkumar Laljibhai
  15. Mali Varun Sanjaybhai
  16. Mane Kareena Pradeeprao
  17. Manglia Pradeep Poonambhai
  18. Modhvadiya Sagar Lakhman
  19. Nakum Vivek Lalji
  20. Palas Priyankaben Rajeshbhai
  21. Parmar Jaykumar Jagdishbhai
  22. Patel Mankumar Kalpeshbhai
  23. Pillai Rohit Prasad
  24. Rabari Vishalbhai Jagmalbhai
  25. Rajput Prabhatji Jasvantji
  26. Rana Prachi Pushpendra Rana
  27. Rathod Devalsinh Ashoksinh
  28. Shekhawat Kunal Manipal
  29. Shiyal Kishor Bharatbhai
  30. Sisodiya Hardevsinh Vikramsinh
  31. Sodha Shailendrasinh Sarpaji
  32. Thumar Yatharth Vrajeshbhai
  33. Tiwari Chandramauli Ramakant
  34. Trivedi Tulsiben Daksheshkumar
  35. Vasava Jaineshbhai Vishnubhai
  36. Vishal Kumar Meena
  • Bachelor in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Masters in Defence and Strategic Studies
  • Doctorate Defence Studies
  • Certificate Courses
    Certificate & Training Programmes
  • Certificate Programme on Military History and Media
  • Certificate Programme on Political Warfare
  • Certificate Programme on Hybrid Warfare
  • Certificate Programme on Military History and Media Courses
  • Training Programme for Personality Development
  • Training Programme for Service Selection Board Coaching Programme
  • Training Programme in Disruptive Military Technology
  • Training Programme in Algorithmic Warfare
  • Training Programme for Political Warfare
  • Training Programme on Defence Acquisition Practises in India and Foreign Countries
  • Training Programme on Special Operations
  • Training Programme on Peace Keeping
  • EME School Vadodara


The Centre employs a multi-disciplinary approach to understand India’s strategic culture and national security issues with a focus on the armed forces. Specific emphasis is laid on contemporary dimensions of warfare, defence co-operation, jointness, coastal and maritime security, and related issues. The research interests of the Centre focus on China, Pakistan, Indo-pacific and South Asia..

The centre closely interacts with armed forces and strategic scholars in India and abroad, and contributes to policy making by contributing to research in areas of importance for the armed forces.

SISDSS’ Personality Development Course aims to enhance the students’ confidence and morale and prepares them to face the challenges in job market. We focus on ethics and aesthetics and holistic personality development using the most modern learning pedagogy.

The Personality Development Centre (PDC) is a central facility for skill and personality development training for all students of our university.

Objectives of CPD:

  1. To offer training and guidance to all students of various schools
  2. To empower the students by training them in soft skills with the aim to enhance their employability in various careers
  3. To inculcate relevant skill sets like Communication, Goal setting Creativity, Time management, Stress Management, Grooming and Teamwork
  4. To organise open house brainstorming and personality development workshops, competitions, debates, improv sessions for students.

Academic Programmes

The School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS) currently offers following programs:

  • Bachelor Degree Programme in Defence and Strategic Studies (Regular Course) – Four years.
  • Master Degree Programme in Defence and Strategic Studies (Regular Course) – Two years.
  • PhD (Defence and Strategic Studies) – Duration (3-6 years).
    • Eligibility: 10 year service in the defence forces + Masters Degree in any discipline + Research Proposal

Progressively, the school will conduct following certificates programs:

  • Certificate Course in Defence Acquisition.
  • Certificate Course in Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism.
  • Certificate Course in UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Certificate Course in Pakistan Military.
  • Certificate Course in Irregular, Revolutionary and Unconventional Warfare.
  • Certificate Course in Hybrid Warfare.
  • Certificate Course in Strategic Intelligence.
  • Certificate Course in Information Warfare.
  • Certificate Course in People’s Liberation Army.
  • Certificate Course in India’s Strategic Culture.

SISDSS also undertakes extension programs for promoting national security with a view to shape young minds and enhance intake into the security forces. Emphasis on participation of girl students is imperative.

The programs will be conducted by a lean core faculty comprising four to five members drawn from professionals in the domain. Extensive utilisation of guest speakers, workshop, seminars and online tools will be made. Facility for distance education with minimum essential contact programs particularly for in-service members is being worked out.

Opportunities will be provided for the students to take part in immersion programs to get first-hand knowledge of operating environment and perspectives of the security forces. The programs will help the participants to develop skills that will enhance employability, aid professional-career development, career transition and postgraduate studies and research.

The programs are designed to benefit:

  • Students seeking careers in security forces including defence and military forces, intelligence services.
  • Students seeking career in think-tanks and research institutions.
  • Extension course for National Cadet Corps.
  • Professionals in defence industries and research and development agencies.
  • Journalists seeking specialisation in national security and defence.
  • In service officers, JCOs and Other ranks in the armed forces and the paramilitary forces to develop expertise by gaining recognition and building upon their professional military courses.
  • Indian Foreign Service, Indian Administrative and Allied Services involved in National Security assignments.
  • Procurement executives/officials in the MoD, MHA, Indian Defence Accounts Services, DRDO, DPSU, OFB and industry.
  • Veterans and potential veterans from the armed forces and the paramilitary forces seeking career transition into defence industry, academia, think-tanks.
Contact us

Lt. Gen. Asit Mistry

Director of School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS), PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM (Retd)

Rashtriya Raksha University,

Lavad, Dahegam, Gandhinagar – 382305

Contact us

Mr Mohit Charan

Assistant Director and Assistant Professor, School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS)

Rashtriya Raksha University,

Lavad, Dahegam, Gandhinagar – 382305

Email –

Lt. Gen. Asit Mistry

Director of SISDSS, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM (Retd)

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Mr Mohit Charan

Assistant Director and Assistant Professor , School of Internal Security, Defence and Strategic Studies (SISDSS)

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