Research Impact

  • The results of the Research on “A Study of International Frameworks for Handling Privacy Issues in Cyber Space in the Light of Attitudes of Users of Social Networking Sites and Need for a Privacy Framework for India “provided a reasonable insight for policy makers to strike a balance between the concerns of the state and the individual while framing the data privacy law in India, which is likely to be delivered soon by the due process of law. The major recommendations like default privacy settings data portability, data rectification, explicit consent requirement for processing personal data and extra territorial transfer of data was submitted to be considered in Draft of Data Protection Framework, Shri B N Krishna Committee. 
  • Research project on “Technological Solutions for Safe Rathyatra in Ahmedabad” built a robust system for Rathyatra surveillance in Ahmedabad and was used in last year’s Rathyatra Bandobast for monitoring timings and path of Rathyatra procession and conveying alerts of delays to Police commissioner’s control room.
  • The research project on “Public Perspective on Training Need Analysis for Police Personnel in Gujarat” analyzed present Performance of Police Personnel of Gujarat state from public perspective with respect to Police Behaviour with Public and victim, Use of new technology & techniques in police functioning, Handling of important ‘bandobast’, Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations, Response time etc. The outcome of research to know the public sentiments about present police performance was submitted to ADGP Training Gujarat for revamping of learning strategy. The results of the study shall be helpful for Police department and help them to align the police training with public expectations rather than secluded dictation of curriculums.
  • Copyright to Smart system to identify and analysis cybercrime has been granted to Raksha Shakti University. Its algorithm “NEURO-GENETIC APPROACH FOR FEATURE SELECTION AND CLASSIFICATION OF CYBER CRIME” has been registered.  This shall assist law enforcement agencies & police officers of cyber cell, enforcement agencies, researchers, planners in planning and policymaking. This will be useful in monitoring and preventing Cyber Crimes and creating cyber awareness, especially where trained manpower is scarce.
  • The development of “GIS based Decision Support System for Crime Mapping and Analysis” for which the University received “Indian Geospatial Excellence Award-2014”.
  • The university faculty has registered patent on “A Portable Mobile Forensics Data Acquisition Tool” which performs a logical acquisition process and stores the data in the attached USB.
  • Development of the mobile app COPS-G (Citizen’s Online Policemen Search for Gujarat) which provides basic information about the police personnel like Photograph, Area of duty, Designation which can help citizen to identify the police Personnel and catch the fake people who pose as policemen.