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Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) is an Institute of National Importance, and has become the one-point preferred destination for training, education, research and extension activities related to National Security. The University has set up off-campuses in 2022 at Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh and at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Puducherry, Karnataka,. In the current year, RRU is rapidly progressing the case for setting up additional campuses in Haryana and Odisha.

Our Defence Services are designed and trained to deal with external threats to the Nation. The CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) on the other hand, have a vital role in internal security, as also to support the Defence Services along various sectors of our international borders. These Forces include BSF, ITBP, CRPF, CISF, Assam Rifles – to name a few. Law and order, being a State subject, is managed by State police forces. In addition, we have other important uniformed services such as Disaster Management Authorities, Home Guards, Fire Fighting Services, etc.

The Defence Services have a well-established, dedicated and evolved feeder stream by way of Sainik Schools and Military Schools to provide youth for induction into their premier training academies and Training Centres, even though these are too few and far in between. Moreover, the CAPF and State Police forces do not have any such support system at all. Thus, there is a requirement of providing all our Forces in uniform a better intake stream of young men and women. The Government of India initiative to set up 100 Sainik Schools is a step in the right direction, and Rashtriya Raksha University is keen to pitch in this regard by setting up Raksha Shakti Vidyalay – modelled on similar lines as Sainik Schools.

The idea of introducing Raksha Shakti Schools traces its roots to an initiative by Govt of Gujarat, Department of Education vide Govt Resolution No_SSB / 1217/ 567-(PF 1)-G -1 dated 11 Oct 22, to set up ten co-educational residential Schools (Classes 6 th to 12 th ) in Gujarat on public-private partnership model, wherein the capital cost (including land, building and allied infrastructure) will be met by the private partner and the revenue cost (teacher/ staff salaries, student uniforms, books, meals etc. ) will be met by the State Government by grant of fixed amount per student per academic year. RRU has been requested by the Govt of Gujarat to be knowledge partner for this project.

This concept of Raksha Shakti Schools needs to be adopted on a wider basis across the nation under the guidance and leadership of RRU which is a national University.

To plan establishment of a Raksha Shakti School at each RRU campus, in three phases as follows:-
  • Phase 1. RRU, Lavad-Dehgam Campus, Gandhinagar.
  • Phase 2. RRU Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh) and Lucknow (UP) campuses.
  • Phase 3. Other off-campuses.

The objectives of setting up Raksha Shakti Schools are as follows: –

  • Prepare students of classes 6 to 12, including boys and girls, from all sections of society for future leadership roles in Defence Services, CAPF, State Police forces and other uniformed services. The students may join the uniformed Services in any of the following streams:-
    1. Commissioned Officers.
    2. Junior ranks as JCOs/ASIs/SIS and
    3. Soldiers/ Sailors/ Airmen/ Constables & equivalent.
  • Inculcate values that promote character building, patriotism social responsibilities, discipline, dignity of labour, national pride, gender sensitivity, tolerance and problem-solving abilities.
  • Increase awareness on external and internal security threats including law and order issues to underline the vital role of our Defence Services, CAPF and State Police forces. Highlight security challenges faced by a typical rural/ urban community and importance of a committed, well equipped and highly trained law and order machinery.
  • Raksha Shakti School would also act as feeder schools to RRU.
  • Introduce technological innovations for finding solutions to various challenges faced by communities – including law and order, security, disaster management, sanitation, land management, environmental issues, garbage disposal, etc.
  • Introduce national and regional heroes of India, both historical and contemporary, to provide real life role models to young minds.

(a) Each RRU campus to set up a model Raksha Shakti School, to set up benchmarks of performance and quantifiable targets for all other Raksha Vidyalay so established within the State to emulate. Raksha Shakti Vidyalay should be affiliated to CBSE/ State Education Boards.

(b) Raksha Shakti Vidyalay to have a strength of approx. 500 students. In normal course, the student intake will be restricted to Class 6 th and 9 th . However, in the initial period of 2-3 years while setting up a new School, simultaneous admission in more number of classes can be undertaken.

(c) Raksha Shakti Vidyalay to be a residential School.

(d) Establish a Faculty Development Institute at RRU, Gandhinagar campus to train the trainers.

(e) Co-opt existing initiatives under the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) into the project for achieving synergy. Similarly, other outdoor and indoor facilities including sports fields can be utilised jointly.

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