• Academic Excellence: Create, Promote and Sustain Distinct Academic thinking and scholarship.
  • Innovative and Intuitive Research Culture: Identify, Conduct and Disseminate Research Output to Key Stakeholders on a Priority Basis.
  • Extension and Training: Promote Strategic and Security Culture Awareness for the whole society, regardless of age, group, caste, creed, race, gender, economic background and provide training to attain the overall vision.
  • Teamwork: Core guiding and inspirational strategic intellectual human capital with respect for and understanding of diversity and various levels of professional and personal, economic-social-cultural development of individuals.
  • Accountability: Bottom-to-Top & Top-to-Bottom sense of accountability of governing Bodies, faculty and staff and the whole University.
  • Vision, Commitment, Integrity and Hard-Work: Truth, honesty and ethics drive all programs and activities. Integration of vision, commitment and hard-work in all professional and personal endeavours.
  • Care and concern: Every individual possesses a unique set of talents has potential to develop and to positively co contribute to a peaceful, prosperous and secure national and world order and the University by showing care and concern tap their potential and nurture ethics and moral values in them for their overall well-being.
  • International Cooperation: Learning, Sharing and Promoting Best Practices from like-minded national and foreign institutions and individuals.