PhD Course Fees

Fee DetailsAmount in Rs (Full Time Scholar)Amount in Rs (Part Time Scholar)
Registration Fee (One Time)2,5002,500
Security Deposit (One Time)1000010000
Course Work Fee including examination (One Time)2,5002,500
PhD Programme Annual Fee30,00030,000
Infrastructure Maintenance2,000
Medical Facilities2,000
Academic Facilities7,000
Sports and gymnasium2,000
Total Annual Fee43,00030,000
Fees to be paid at the time of Admission58,00045,000
PhD Programme Late Submission of Annual Fee(per month) 1,000(per month) 1,000
Pre- Synopsis Evaluation (One-time)10,00010,000
Revaluation Pre- Synopsis Evaluation (If needed)5,0005,000
Thesis Evaluation (One Time)15,00015,000
Thesis Re-evaluation (If needed)7,5007,500
Late Thesis Submission (If needed)5,0005,000

10% annual increase in all fees and charges (except security deposit) for the second and consequent year, as appropriate, will be levied.