Ms. Yu Yuhsuan

Subject Matter Specialist (Mandarin Language)
School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages (SICSSL)

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About Ms. Yuhsuan Yu

Ms. Yu Yuhsuan is a Subject Matter Specialist in Chinese Language at the School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages (SICSSL) since August 2022. She is an expatriate Mandarin language lecturer who has a Republic of China’s (Taiwan) Ministry of Education Certificate of Proficiency for Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language.

Ms. Yu got her degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in National Taiwan Normal University. Previously she has taught as a Mandarin Teacher in Duisburg University, Leibniz Gymnasium, Germany; Virginia University, US, Little Tree International School, US, and One Class International Academy of Nan-I Book Enterprise, Taiwan. Ms. Yu has also studied Performing Arts and joined theatre working in Nanjing University, China and National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan.

Ms. Yu was a participant in the Asia Pacific Youth Exchange in the Philippines, holding a project especially for SDG4-Quality Education and presenting to Asian Development Bank. Her interest in education led her to conduct several educational workshops in remote areas in Taiwan. She also worked as a design thinking coach in National Taiwan University, conducting workshops and cooperation projects with Taiwanese companies. Besides, she was nominated as a representative for her school to exchange programs in Harbin Institute of Technology, China and Beijing University, China.