Ms. Varsha Rathore
M.Sc., B.Sc.

Teaching cum Research Officer
School of Internal Security and SMART Policing (SISSP)

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About Ms. Varsha Rathore

Ms. Varsha Rathore is currently appointed as a Teaching cum Research Officer at the School of Internal Security and Police Administration. As She has completed her Masters in the field of Forensic Science from the Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University. Her area of research is, focusing on forensic science crime investigation and police administration.

She embarked on her dynamic and multifaceted professional journey, she successfully navigated through various domains, combining education and expertise to leave a lasting impact. Beginning her career as a Faculty at RRU SISPA, she devoted substantial time to instructing in computer science and digital security, imparting invaluable knowledge and shaping the minds of future professionals.

With a transition into the challenging field of quality assurance, she undertook the critical responsibility of combatting piracy and safeguarding intellectual property rights. In this role, she upheld legal and ethical standards, preserving the integrity of creative works and making a significant contribution to the protection of intellectual assets.

A pivotal moment in her career emerged when she joined the SRPF Grp-12 Commando Training Center as a faculty member, where she had the privilege of instructing dedicated officers in the intricacies of forensic science. Through her efforts, she empowered law enforcement professionals with the essential tools and knowledge required to investigate digital crimes while maintaining the integrity of evidence.

Expanding her skill set, she ventured into the world of virtual labs through a workshop with IIT Bombay, achieving proficiency as a Silver Developer. This knowledge empowered her to create cutting-edge virtual learning environments, facilitating immersive, hands-on learning experiences for students and professionals in the digital age.

Her professional journey serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to education, quality, and law enforcement, leaving a substantial impact in these ever-evolving domains.

  • Assigned the Role of Teaching Cum Research Officer of School of Internal Security and Police Administration (SISPA).
  • Teaching various subject of Diploma in Police Science and Post Graduation Diploma in Police Science
Qualifications Board/University Year of passing Division
M.Sc Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University 2020 1st Division
B.Sc MUIS, Ganpat University, 2018 1st Division
  • Currently employed as an Teaching Cum Research Officer, School of Internal Security and Police Administration, RRU .
  • Worked as an Guest Faculty, School of Internal Security and Police Administration, RRU .
  • Worked as an Lecturer, Commando Training Center, Magodi, SRPF grp- 12, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
Paper Presented
  • National conference on role of forensic science in crime investigation and administration of justices 2019, by PARUL UNIVERSITY Vadodra, on 27th July 2019. 2. National seminar on “Application of radioisotopes and radiations technology in agriculture, healthcare and industries” by S.P.P Patel Engineering College, on 15th-16th February, 2019 attendant certificate.
  • Science Excellence 2018, by department of forensic science, Gujarat University conference, on 20th sept. 2018 participation certificate.
  • Seminar on NMR Spectroscopy: concepts and application, by Department of Forensic Science, Gujarat University from 25th-25th august 2018 attended certificate.
  • Paper presented topic: “social networking apps and security threats”.
  • Paper presented topic: “Cybercrime Investigation and law in India and USA”.
Participated in Workshop/Certificate Course/Capacity Building Programmes
  • 5 days National Boot camp, organized by Gujarat University on collaboration with IIT Bombay, on 9th – 13th January 2019. Certificate entitled as virtual lab silver developer.