Assistant Professor of Criminology
School of Criminal Law and Military Law

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Research Area – Crime and criminality, terrorism and counter-terrorism, prison reforms and non-governmental interventions, and crime prevention measures.


A highly skilled professional in Social Work, Criminology, Law, and International Relations with a track record of success in founding and managing a non-governmental organization, university teaching, and research. Committed to making a significant impact through innovative socio-legal projects, policy enhancement research, and university-level teaching assignments.

With a strong academic background, extensive research experience, and a proven track record in the field, I bring a unique combination of knowledge and expertise to the table. And, I consistently deliberate to make a positive impact through university-level teaching, innovative socio-legal projects, and policy enhancement research.

  • Mixed Methodology Research: Proficient in conducting comprehensive research using a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • University Level Teaching: Demonstrated expertise in delivering engaging and informative courses in Criminology, Social Work, Sociology, and Psychology.
  • Socio-Legal Field Action Projects in the Criminal Justice System, particularly prisons.
  • Project Formulation and Implementation: Proven ability to conceptualize and execute successful projects in the field of socio-legal and rehabilitation work.
  • Training and Team Mentoring: Skilled in providing training and mentorship to teams, enhancing their professional capabilities and performance.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Experienced in designing and implementing effective monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess project impact.
  • Knowledge Generation and Dissemination: Adept at generating new knowledge through research and effectively disseminating findings through publications and presentations.
  • Coordination, Networking, and Policy Advocacy: Strong ability to coordinate with diverse stakeholders, build networks, and advocate for policy changes in collaboration with government and non-governmental organizations.
  • M. Phil (Criminological Research), University of Cambridge, UK. 2007.
  • Bachelor of Law, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. 2003.
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) for Assistant Professor and/or Junior Research Fellowship, University Grants Commission. 1999.
  • M.A (Social Work) with specialization in Criminology and Correctional Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. 1999.
  • B.A, University College for Women, Osmania University, Hyderabad. 1997.
  • 2019: Jwala Award for pioneering work in criminal justice. Jwala Mahila Samiti, Indore.
  • 2013: Prize for Best Innovative Entrepreneur Idea, University of St. Andrews, UK.
  • 2012: Associate Member for University Level Teaching, The Higher Education Academy, UK.
  • 2010: Commonwealth Scholarship, UK.
  • 2006: Fellowship, International Ford Foundation.
  • 1997: Distinction, Bachelor of Arts.
  • Established a ground-breaking field intervention project “Sudhaar -Social Work in Prisons”, a model of socio-legal and rehabilitation work in prisons of Madhya Pradesh, based on M.A. dissertation findings and extensive fieldwork. Later, the intervention transformed into a non-governmental organisation.
  • Provided consistent educational support to 100 children of convicted prisoners for a period of 10-12 years, facilitating their growth and development.
  • Developed comprehensive welfare programs and conducted training for prison and police officials, resulting in significant advancements in criminological aspects, corrections, and prison reforms.
  • Collaborated with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and designed a national-level PG Diploma Course for promoting socio-legal and correctional intervention in the Indian Criminal Justice System.
  • Mentored and guided a group of M.A. (Criminology) students of Rashtriya Raksha University, introducing new courses and internship opportunities, leading to their successful placements and paper presentations at conferences.
  • Revitalized the Centre for Criminal Law and Justice (CCLJ) at Nirma University, expanding its student enrolment from 2 to 70 and focusing on the intricacies of Criminal Law.
  • Supervised and mentored LLM student dissertations, with a student earning a Gold Medal for outstanding performance in Institute of Law, Nirma University.
  • Worked in Psycho-Social Care and Support for Under-trial Inmates in Sabarmati Prison, Ahmedabad from Sept 2022 to Dec 2022 through Rashtriya Raksha University.
  • Initiated and led on ground Forensic Mental Health Services for inmates of national security crimes in Sabarmati Prison, Ahmedabad from Feb 2023 to Jan 2024. It is a pioneering project of School of Criminology & Behavioural Sciences, Rashtriya Raksha University.
  1. Assistant Professor of Practice (Criminology), Rashtriya Raksha University, Ahmedabad, Sept 2022 – Present (Jan 2024): Engaged in field action research projects for mental welling of forensic population with an aim to identify the markers of crime and crime prevention. Thus, working for psycho-social care and counselling support to under-trial prisoners and inmates of national security crimes. Also conducted the following training sessions as a resource faculty:
    • Opening Session on Overcoming Mindset Challenges as Prison Officials in a Three-Month Certificate Course on Prison Administration and Inmate Management, organized by SCBS. A mixed group of 52 participants attended.
    • In-house training sessions for staff to work in prisons with 35 to 40 participants.
    • Role of Family and Social Work in the Rehabilitation of Victims for Officials of Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority, organized by SISPA. Around 10-12 participants were present.
    • Conducting M.A. (Criminology & Crime Science) coursework on Social Work in Correctional Settings from Sept 2023 to Jan 2024.
  2. Visiting Faculty, Gujarat Law Society University, Sept 2022 to Dec 2022: Taught Business Communication and Presentation Skills course to B. Tech & M.Sc (IT) students.
  3. Educational and Research Consultant, NKB Skill Build India Centre, July 2021 – Aug 2022: Provided academic, research, and employability inputs to young students and professionals planning higher studies.
  4. Adjunct Faculty, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Feb 2020 – June 2021: Taught Criminology, Sociology, and Forensic Psychology. Set examination papers and assessed assignments for BALLB students. Supervised dissertations, and guided LLM students & students of the Centre for Criminal Law and Justice.
  5. Visiting Faculty, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Sept 2019- Dec 2021: Taught Forensic Psychology course paper for BALLB students.
  6. Guest Speaker cum Trainer, Central Academy for Police Training (CAPT), Bhopal Oct 2020 – May 2021: Delivered all India-level trainings to senior prison officials on criminology, psychology of prisoners, and crime prevention.
  7. Freelancing Consultant for Training, Research & Education, June 2016- Jan2020- i) Served as a resource faculty and expert in soft skills and entrepreneurship for Gujarat Law Society University and other institutions ii) Conducted training, research, and education consultancy for various organizations and individuals.
  8. Knowledge Generation and Social Development Consultant, Sep 2015 – Jun 2016: Engaged in systematic documentation of project work, monitoring, and assessment for Utthan, Ahmedabad, and Mensen Meteen Missie, a Dutch Donor Agency.
  9. Assistant Professor (Criminology) cum M.A. Course Coordinator, Raksha Shakti University, Ahmedabad, Mar 2014 – Jun 2015: Facilitated successful completion of MA courses through teaching, examination paper setting, assessment, thesis guidance, and internship monitoring.
  10. Academic Counsellor, The Indira Gandhi National Open University, Bhopal, Sep 2013 – Feb 2014: Provided guidance and support to social work students, addressing their doubts and queries.
  11. Honorary Director, Sudhaar – Social Work in Prisons, Madhya Pradesh, Sep 2010 – Oct 2013: Assisted and mentored secondary leadership to function effectively, ensuring the organization’s smooth operation.
  12. Director, Sudhaar – Social Work in Prisons, Madhya Pradesh, Aug 2007 – Aug 2010: Developed and managed socio-legal and rehabilitation programs for marginalized prisoners, securing funding and overseeing team operations.
  13. Project Coordinator, Sudhaar – Social Work in Prisons, Madhya Pradesh, Jan 2001 – Jun 2006: Pioneered the first trained socio-psycho-legal field intervention project for prisoners, focusing on their holistic development and reintegration into society.
  14. Fellow, Indo-German Social Service Society, Betul, Madhya Pradesh, Jul 2000 – Dec 2000: Worked on human rights and legal rights issues of women in tribal areas.
  15. Human Rights Fellow, Human Rights Law Network, Betul, Madhya Pradesh, Mar – Jun 2000: Conducted human rights awareness-building workshops and camps, with a focus on new laws like POTA.
  16. Gender Trainer cum Research Assistant, Sama-Shodhini Network, New Delhi, Jul 1999 – Feb 2000: Addressed reproduction rights and gender awareness among community-based organizations and community health workers.
  1. Doctoral Researcher, University of St. Andrews, UK, Sep 2010 – Sep 2013: Conducted ground-breaking research on the Impact and Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism Laws in the UK and India, contributing to the understanding of counter-terrorism measures and their implications.
  2. Research Assistant, Radboud University Project, Nijmegen, Netherlands, Aug – Oct 2008: Assisted the principal researcher in conducting interviews and focus group discussions in India, providing valuable insights for the research project.
  3. M. Phil Research Student, University of Cambridge, UK, Aug 2006 – Oct 2007: Conducted in-depth research for the M.Phil. thesis, exploring the underlying factors driving young people to join terrorism movements.
  4. Research Consultant, Initiative for Women in Development, Bhopal, Dec 2007 – Mar 2008: Developed proposals for gender budgeting-related explorative studies, aiming to address gender disparities and promote gender equality.
  5. Researcher, Sudhaar, Bhopal, Dec 2007-2009: Designed and conducted short policy input studies focused on legal aid and rehabilitation schemes for marginalized prisoners, contributing to evidence-based policy formulation.
  1. “Child Sexual Abuse: Understanding the Role of Government and Non-Government Institutions in Addressing the Issues Prevalent in India,” Sambodhi, Vol-44, 2021, No.-01 (Co-Authored).
  2. “Understanding Rape: A Criminological Study from the Perspective of Rape Offenders,” International Research Journal on Police Science, vol 3, Issue 2, Dec 2017 (Co-Authored).
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  6. “Strengthening Legal Aid Services for the Poor in Prisons of Madhya Pradesh,” Policy Discussion Paper, 2008.
  7. “Rehabilitation Needs of Released Prisoners of Madhya Pradesh,” Policy Discussion Paper, 2007.
  • “National Security and Cyber Space Concerns: A Need for Modern Policing System,” Two-Day National Conference on National Security and Cyber Space, CUG & RRU, Gujarat, Nov 2021.
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  • Associate Member, The Higher Education, UK.
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Criminology, India.
  • Founder Member, Sudhaar.