Ms. Amruta Karambelkar

Assistant Professor (International Relations)
School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages (SICSSL)

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About Ms. Amruta Karambelkar

Ms. Amruta Karambelkar is an Assistant Professor of International Relations and Security Studies at the School of International Cooperation, Security, and Strategic Languages (SICSSL) since August 2023. She has previously worked at Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi (Indo-Pacific cluster); Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (Southeast Asia Research Programme); and the Indian Council of World Affairs.

Ms. Karambelkar is pursuing Ph.D from the Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies, JNU. Her M.Phil dissertation examined the military modernization of Viet Nam and Singapore. She holds a Master’s degree in politics from the University of Pune, and a Bachelor’s degree in political science from Fergusson College, Pune. She is UGC-NET qualified in Political Science

Her areas of expertise include the Indo-Pacific region with special emphasis on Southeast Asia, and her domain specialization is maritime security and naval matters. She has published widely on security and political issues in Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific region, and at the same time closely followed the evolution of the Quad and the general geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region. She has also presented her work at numerous national and international conferences.

Articles in refereed journals

  1. Karambelkar, Amruta. An Analysis of French Strategy in the Indo-Pacific. Maritime Affairs, 6th August 2021.
  2. Karambelkar, Amruta. India’s Perception and Response to China’s “One Belt, One Road” Initiative: Views from Indian Mainstream Media. Asian Politics and Policy, Vol: 7 (4) (Co-authored).

Chapters in Books

  1. Karambelkar, Amruta (2023), ‘India’s perspective on the Indo-Pacific’ in Vijay Sakhuja and Anu Maria Francis (eds) Indo-Pacific perspectives; Australia, ASEAN and India, Centre for Public Policy Research and Monash University: Kochi and Victoria, pp 61, ISBN 978-81-955180-5-0
  2. The Beginning of the Epoch: Portuguese Period in the Indian Ocean (1498-1660), Vijay Sakhuja and Pragya Pandey (2022), KM Panikkar and the Growth of a Maritime Consciousness in India, (ed.), 422 pp., Vij books, ISBN 978-9393499301
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Articles in Magazines

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