Mr. Shivam Jaiswal

Training, Internships and Placement Officer
School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages (SICSSL)

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About Mr.Shivam Jaiswal

Mr. Shivam Jaiswal is currently working as the Training, Internships, and Placement Officer (TIPO) at the School of International Cooperation, Security, and Strategic Languages (SICSSL).

He has done his Masters in Media Studies from the Centre of Media Studies, Institute of Professional Studies, University of Allahabad where he was the university topper of the Class of 2022. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Delhi and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Allahabad.

He has previous experience in litigation at the High Court of Delhi. Mr. Shivam has also worked with TFI Media Private Limited as a Consulting Columnist on international affairs. Apart from his editorial duties, he was charged with the responsibility of observing, conceptualizing, and analyzing global conflict and security issues. His primary focus was on identifying and appraising emerging trends in the strategic doctrines and national security strategies of major global players, amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The aim was to comprehend how these influential nations were shaping the global economy through narratives.