Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

Assistant Professor (Law) and Assistant Director
School of Criminal Law and Military Law (SCLML)
LL.M. (Criminal and Constitutional Law), B.A.LL.B. (Hons.), UGC-NET, D.C.A., AIBE,

Phone No. – +91 9435268812, Ext: 604

Email –

Research Area – Criminal Law including both substantive and procedural law, Law of Evidence, Laws relating to Artificial Intelligence and cyber laws, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property Rights.

Key Area Responsibility – Teaching,Administration, Research and Training

About Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh

Mr. Rajdeep Ghosh is an enterprising young professional, researcher, author, and academician in the field of legal studies. He is a Gold Medalist in Master of Laws (LL.M. – 2 years) final examination conducted by Assam University, Silchar (A Central University constituted under an Act of Parliament). Currently, pursuing a Ph.D. from Assam University, Silchar (a Central University established under an Act of Parliament) and topped the Ph.D. course work/IPP examination, 2020 therein. Cleared the UGC-NTA NET examination while pursuing LL.M in December 2018. He possesses two and half years of practicing experience as an advocate in the state of Assam from 11th December 2017 to 6th October 2020. He has more than fifteen research papers/articles published in peer-reviewed international journals and two chapters of reputed books including Scopus/web of science/UGC Care List. He joined Rashtriya Raksha University in September 2021.

He represented his alma mater in various academic and extra-curricular activities including the National Moot Court competition. Delivered many lectures as a resource person in District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) organized programmes and other awareness programmes. He had been an NCC cadet throughout his student life and was an active participant and coordinator in organizing seminars, workshops, and extra-curricular activities throughout his academic career.

Qualification Board/University Year of passing
Ph.D. in Law Assam University, Silchar Pursuing since October, 2020
Master of Laws (LL.M.) Assam University, Silchar 2019
Diploma in Computer Application E-MAX Board of Computer Education 2019
B.A.LL.B. (HONS.) Assam University, Silchar 2017
  • Two and half yearsof practicing experience Advocate in District Court, Cachar District, and Gauhati High Court from 11th December, 2017 to 6th October, 2020.
  • Assistant Professor of Law at SNSL RRU since September 2021
  • Subinoy Chandra Dutta Roy Endowment Award and Gold Medalist for securing First Class First position in Master of Laws (LL.M.) final examination 2019, given by Assam University, Silchar (a Central University)
  • AnundoramBorooah Award, 2010 given by the Govt. of Assam for good performance in H.S.L.C. examination
  • BeforeCBILawofficers,
  • BeforeGujaratPoliceofficers,
  • BeforeVedantaCompanysecurityofficers,
  • BeforeGujaratCo-operativeBankITofficers,
  • BeforeNayaraEnergyPvt. Ltd.CompanyLabourofficersandHRofficers,
  • BeforeAssamUniversity(Central)statutoryofficers,
  • BeforeRashtriyaRakshaUniversity(INI)administrativeofficers,
  • BeforefacultiesandstudentsofGuruGhasidasVishwavidyalayaetc.
  • BeforeStateCrimeRecordBureauOfficers(MultipleStates)
  • BeforeUGPGfemalestudentsofRRU&NFSU(NCWProgramme)etc
Name of the Seminar attended/paper presented Date & Venue Name of paper,if presented Sponsoredby
Two dayNational Seminaron“RighttoFreedomofSpeechandexpression:A legalandConstitutionalContour” 17th-18th November,2016 at Assam University, Silchar N/A ICSSR
Two day National Seminar on “DemographyoftheNorth-EastRegion ofIndia” 5th-6thApril,2019 at Assam University, Silchar “ImplicationsofNRCastopreservetheDemographyofNorth-EastRegionofIndia” The AsiaticSociety,kolkata
Two day National Seminar on “Skill Development Programme swith special reference to Act – Eastpolicy of India:Employment Generation & Empowerment” 25th-26thSept.,2019at 25th-26thSept.,2019 at M.C.D.College, Sonai, Cachar “ActEastPolicyofIndia:Acatalyst to triggerinfrastructuraldevelopmentinitsNorth-EasternRegion” MAKAIAS
Two day International Seminar on “Emerging scenario of Rural India:Society, Education and Literature” 15th-16thNovember 2019 at Tripura University “The Efficacy of Panchayat RajSysteminEmpoweringRuralWomen at the Grass Root LevelDemocracyofIndia” ByanjanbarnaFoundation,Kolkata
3rd International Conference on“GlobalBusiness&SocialIssues,2020” 10th-11thJanuary,2020at D.B.A., Assam Univ. “E-Contracts in India: ItsLegality,Pros andCons” YERA,Varanasi
InternationalSeminaronChangingDimension of Law in south Asia: IssuesandChallenges 10th-11th January, 2020 at D.B.A., Assam Univ. “The dawn of online&artificialintelligenceenablededucationsystem and their implications onthe right to Education in India: Acritical analysis Jointlyorganizedby GeetaInstitute of LawPanipatetc.
One day E-International Seminar Cyber Security and Cyber Laws 4thFebruary2023 Modernization of police systemthrough artificial intelligence inDeterminingCriminalLiability” MNLU, DNLU, NLISUetc.
  • “Patent Trends in India between 2010 and 2019 with Special Reference to its Legal and Economic Implications” (published in the book Global Thoughts & Opinion- ISBN no.- 978-81-947778-5-4)
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “The Role of the Indian Judiciary to Combat Sexual Abuse against Children.” InternationalJournalofPsychosocialRehabilitation(ISSN:1475-7192),Vol.23,Issue6,2019,pp.1787-1800,,Scopus:UGCCareList(Group-II).
  • Ghosh,Rajdeep.“TheDawnof Online& ArtificialIntelligenceEnabled Education System and TheirImplications on the Right to Education in India: A Critical Analysis”, International Journal of Food andNutritional Sciences (e-ISSN 2320 –7876), Vol.11, Issue 12, 2022, pp. 4479-4489, intelligence-enabled-education-system-and-their-implications-on-the-right-to-education-in-india-a-critical-analysis-3628,UGCCareList(Group-I).
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “Application of anti-plagiarism mechanism in research in India: a critical analysis of rulesand regulations”, Journal of Education (ISSN: 09727175), Vol. XXII, No. 1, 2021, pp. 603-620, (print modeonly),UGCCareList(Group-I).
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep.”Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Liability Determination in theModern Police System with Special Reference to its Application in Combating Fishery-Related Crimes inIndia”, Journal of Survey in FisheriesSciences(ISSN:2368-7487), Volume 10 – Issue 2 (2023), pp. 404-417,,WebofScience/UGCCare List(Group-II)
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “An analysis of the expanding horizons of women’s rights in India through judicialactivism in the 21st century”, Journal of Global Research & and Analysis (ISSN: 2278-6775, Vol. 10,Issue 02, 2022, pp. 229-238, content/uploads/2022/03/DECEMBER-2021-ISSUE.pdf
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “Patent Trends in India between 2010 and 2019 with Special Reference to Its Legal andEconomic Implications.” Global Thoughts & Opinion (ISBN NO. 978-81-947778-5-4), edited by A K SikriandNKChakrabarti,TheLawLearners,Ahmedabad,Gujarat,2021,pp.1579–85.
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “Prostitution in India: A Comparison of Ancient and Present Legal Outlook.” InternationalJournalofLawManagementand Humanities (ISSN 2581-5369), vol. 4,no. 5, 2021, pp. 1579–1585,
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “The Constitution of India Its Provisions, Landmark Judgments, and the ContemporaryTrending Issues at a Glance.” International Journal of Legal Science and Innovation (ISSN 2581-9453), vol.3, no. 6, 2021, pp. 78–85, constitution-of-india-its-provisions-landmark-judgments-and-the-contemporary-trending-issues-at-a-glance/.
  • Ghosh,Rajdeep.“AssessingtheRighttoHealthinContemporary Time inIndia.” LexHumanitariae:JournalforaChange(ISSN:2582-5216),vol.II,no.5,2021,pp.392–400,
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “A critical analysis of the Laws and policies regulating plagiarism in India.” White BlackLegalJournal,vol.I,no.10,2020,pp.1-16,}.
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “A critical analysis of the Panchayat Raj and erstwhile system empowering rural women atthe grass-root level democracy of India.” Lex Research Hub Journal on Law & Multidisciplinary Issues, vol.I,no.III,2020,pp.1-20,
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “A comparison of laws relating to child sexual abuse in India & other countries.” WhiteBlackLegalJournal,vol.II,no.I,2020,pp.1-14,
  • Ghosh,Rajdeep.“AthematicviewofthegrowinglegalrelevanceofE-contractsinIndia.”WhiteBlack LegalJournal,vol.II,no.I,2020,pp.1-16,
  • Ghosh,Rajdeep.“IsSection498-AoftheIndianPenalcodeatoolinthe handsofadisgruntledwife?’“.International Journal for Legal Research & Analysis, vol. I, no. 10, 2021, pp. 04-11,
  • Ghosh, Rajdeep. “A Review of Social Media Crimes in India.” Indian Journal of Law and Global Research(ISSN:2582-8878),vol.4,Issue-1,pp.3824-3834,
  • One week online international workshop on research methodology, 2020, organized by the department of commerce, Assam University, Silchar.
  • One-week workshop on “Research Methodology”, organized by School of Law, Sarda University (22nd June, 2021 to 26th June, 2021).
  • Certificate course on “Military Security Operations: Contemporary Challenges”, jointly organized by the School of Integrated Coastal and Maritime Security Studies (SICMSS), Rashtriya Raksha University (INI).
  • Workshop on Research Methodology (21st February to 26th February, 2022), organized by Shri Binzani City College, Nagpur in collaboration with Nagpur ShikshanMandal.
  • “One week faculty development programme” organised by Rashtriya Raksha university (a central university and an institution of national importance) FROM 22ND November 2021 to 27th November 2022.
  • “Two day certificate course on international military laws and best practices: security operations”, jointly organized by RRU and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
  • Online international workshop on “data science with machine learning for research scholars and faculties” jointly organized by the knowledge consortium of Gujarat (kcg) & directorate of research & publications, Rashtriya Raksha University from 21 -25 February 2022.
  • MOOC content for the Course ‘Democratic Awareness with Legal Literacy’ under theaegis of Consortium for Educational Communication of UGC, hosted by EducationalMulti-mediaResearchCentre,Kolkata.Topicwas:“RIGHTTOFREEDOMOFSPEECH AND EXPRESSION ETC. AND REASONABLE RESTRICTIONS”. FulfilledQuadrantI,II, andIV.
  • MOOC content for the Course ‘Democratic Awareness with Legal Literacy’ under theaegis of Consortium for Educational Communication of UGC, hosted by EducationalMulti-mediaResearchCentre,Kolkata.Topicwas:“CULTURALANDEDUCATIONALRIGHTS,MINORITYEDUCATIONALINSTITUTIONS,ANDRELATEDMATTERS”.FulfilledQuadrantI,II,andIV.
  • Coordinator:1stEditionofOneWeekCapacityBuildingProgrammeforLawOfficersoftheCentralBureauofInvestigation (CBI) from 21st to 26th March 2022 organized by the School of Security, Law Enforcement andCriminal Justice(SSLECJ),RashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Coordinator: 2nd Edition of One Week Capacity Building Programme for Law Officers of the Central Bureauof Investigation (CBI) from 2nd to 7th May 2022 organized by the School of Security, Law Enforcement andCriminal Justice(SSLECJ),RashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Coordinator:3rdEditionofOneWeekCapacityBuildingProgrammeforLawOfficersoftheCentralBureauofInvestigation (CBI) from 6th to 11th June 2022 organized by the School of Security, Law Enforcement andCriminal Justice(SSLECJ),RashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Coordinator:4thEditionofOneWeekCapacityBuildingProgrammeforLawOfficersoftheCentralBureauofInvestigation (CBI) from 11th to 16th July 2022 organized by the School of Security, Law Enforcement andCriminal Justice(SSLECJ),RashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Coordinator:5thEditionofOneWeekCapacityBuildingProgrammeforLawOfficersoftheCentralBureauofInvestigation(CBI)from22ndto27thAugust2022organizedbytheSchoolofSecurity,LawEnforcementandCriminalJustice(SSLECJ),RashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.Coordinator:6thEditionofOneWeekCapacityBuildingProgrammeforLawOfficersoftheCentralBureauofInvestigation(CBI)from12thto17thSeptember 2022 organized by the School of Security, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (SSLECJ),Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar. Coordinator: One-day workshop on Police Academia InteractionForumon 30thSeptember2022.
  • Coordinator: One-day workshop on MEA project on ‘Nationality Verification of Foreigners Residing in IndiabeforetheirDeportation/Repatriation’on30thNovember2022.
  • Coordinator: One Week Faculty Development Programme (National) on “Emerging Challenges of CriminalJusticesystem:Wayforward”,from24thFebruaryto2ndMarch,2023atRashtriyaRakshaUniversity.
  • Convener: 21 days long RRU Crash Course for UGC NET (LAW) for June 2023 examination, conducted atRashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagarfrom24thMay-14thJune2023.
  • Convener:One-DayTrainingProgramforStatePoliceofficerson”CyberCrimeandCyberForensicInvestigation”on14thJune2023atRashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Convener:One-DayTrainingProgramforStatePoliceofficerson”CCTNSandAlliedApplications:EmpoweringLawEnforcement”on6thJuly2023atRashtriyaRakshaUniversity,Gandhinagar.
  • Convener: One-Day Training Program for State Police officers on “Cyber Crime Investigation” on 19th July2023atRashtriyaRaksha University,Gandhinagar.
  • Before CBI Law officers,
  • Before Gujarat Police officers,
  • Before Vedanta Company security officers,
  • Before Gujarat Co- Bank IT officers,
  • Before Nayara Energy operative Pvt. Ltd. Company Labour officers and HR officers,
  • Before Assam University (Central) statutory officers,
  • Before Rashtriya Raksha University (INI) administrative officers,
  • Before faculties and students of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya etc.
  • Before State Crime Record Bureau Officers (MultipleStates)
  • Before UG PG female students of RRU & NFSU (NCWProgramme)etc