Mr. Piyush Khare

Head of Intelligence & Vigilance, Governance and NSCR Corporate Security, Adani Group, Ahmedabad

About Mr. Piyush Khare

Mr. Piyush Khare is a distinguished professional currently serving as the Head of Intelligence & Vigilance, Governance, and NSCR Corporate Security at Adani Group in Ahmedabad. With a solid educational foundation and extensive experience in security management and risk mitigation, Mr. Khare is a valuable asset to the organization.

Mr. Khare possesses a diverse skill set and expertise in various domains related to security management and risk mitigation. Mr. Khare’s areas of specialization and expertise include strategy planning & execution, security management, risk management, audit management, investigations, governance, security automation, project management, process optimization, team management, vendor/partner management, and data analytics. With his extensive experience and diverse skill set, Mr. Piyush Khare plays a pivotal role in ensuring the security and integrity of operations within the Adani Group. His leadership and expertise contribute significantly to the organization’s success in navigating complex security challenges and mitigating risks effectively.