Mr. Niraj Mandowara

Manager – BAFB, Inter CA.

Phone – 9601413176 Ext.- 249 (079 6812 6816)

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About Mr. Niraj Mandowara

Mr. Niraj Mandowara is an accomplished Administrative and Finance Professional with over 11 years of experience across various sectors. His expertise spans financial management, audit preparation, team leadership, and regulatory compliance, reflecting a strong commitment to ensuring organizational effectiveness and financial integrity.

Here is a summary of Mr. Mandowara’s professional experience:

  • Administrative Officer (Manager), Rashtriya Raksha University (since July 2022): Currently, Mr. Mandowara serves as an Administrative Officer (Manager), contributing his administrative and financial acumen to support the university’s operations and strategic objectives.
  • Audit Manager, A J Mohan & Associates (June 2018 to July 2022): In this role, Mr. Mandowara managed audits and financial assessments for clients, demonstrating his proficiency in audit management and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Audit/Accounts Semi Senior, Khurdia Jain & Co. (December 2015 to May 2018): Here, Mr. Mandowara honed his skills in audit preparation and financial reporting, working closely with clients to deliver accurate and comprehensive audit services.
  • Article Assistant, Lahoti & Lahoti, Chartered Accountants (March 2012 to March 2015): Starting his career as an Article Assistant, Mr. Mandowara gained foundational experience in accounting practices and financial operations under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Throughout his career, Mr. Niraj Mandowara has been recognized for his ability to lead teams effectively, resolve audit discrepancies, and ensure meticulous financial reporting. His diverse sector experience—from education to corporate finance and audit consultancy—underscores his versatility and adaptability in managing administrative and financial challenges across different organizational contexts.

  • Before Vedanta Company’s Junior Security Officers