Mr. Mohinder Singh

Emeritus Resource Faculty, School of Forensics, Risk Management & National Security (SFSRMNS).
Former GEQD, CFSL, Directorate of Forensic Science Services, MHA, Government of India.
  • M.Sc. (Chemistry) from Punjabi University Patiala 1972
  1. Associated with the field of forensic document examination for the last about 44 years.
  2. Worked as a Forensic Document Examiner in prestigious and heritage laboratories of Government Examiner of Questioned Documents Shimla and Hyderabad under the administrative control of the Directorate of forensic sciences, Govt. of India.
  3. Reported/opined in about 4000 criminal and civil cases referred by various investigating agencies including CBI, Govt. Departments, PSU’s including Banks as well as by various courts of law and tendered evidence in more than 1000 cases in various courts of law, departmental enquiries and GCM’s throughout the country.
  4. Working as a guest faculty in the field of forensic documents, associated with various training programs run by the NPA, CDTI, LNJPNNIC&FS, public sector banks and Forensic Science departments of Osmania University, Punjabi University and B.H.U.
  5. Presented various papers in forensic science in All India Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
  6. Participated in recent ‘19th Wroclaw Symposium on Questioned Document Examination’, (Poland) in 2020.
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  • Life member of Indian Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • Life member Indian Science Congress Association