Mr. Mahadev S.

Project Executive
School of Private, Industrial & Corporate Security Management (SPICSM)

Phone No. – +91 – 9072088915

Research Area – Police Administration, Public Administration, Data Science

About Mr. Mahadev S.

Mr. Mahadev S. is currently serving as Project Executive at the prestigious School of Private, Industrial, and Corporate Security Management (SPICSM) at Rashtriya Raksha University. He holds dual Masters in the fields of Police Administration & Public Administration. He has 5 years’ Experience in areas such as Services Industry, Fraud Management & Data Analysis. A true polymath, he possesses a multifaceted skill set and a wealth of knowledge across various domains, such as Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Project Management, Police Administration, Public Administration, Strategic Management, Disaster Management & Data Science.

A fervent advocate of Data Science, Mr. Mahadev possesses an innate passion for the intricacies of data analysis. In critical arenas like Police Administration, Public Administration, and Disaster Management, data collection and its meticulous analysis are the cornerstones of informed decision-making. His invaluable contributions to numerous ongoing projects underscore his remarkable aptitude for deciphering profound insights from data.

His central mission revolves around forging a symbiotic connection between the spheres of security and Data Analysis. His unwavering dedication is aimed at fortifying crime prevention strategies and ushering in a safer future.

  • M.A. in Police Administration & Strategic Management from Rashtriya Raksha University
  • M.A. in Public Administration from Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Pondicherry University
  • BS in Data Science and Applications from IIT Madras (Pursuing)
  • Assistant Project Manager at Tamsyz Technologies
  • Event Co-ordinator at Attracters Events
  • Internship at InQuest Advisories Pvt Ltd
  • Internship at Centre For India West Asia Dialogue (CIWAD)
  • Data Analyst Internship at Norma School of Research
  • Project on voltage control in three phase system using hybrid active power filter
  • Dissertation on the Impact of Private Equity Flow and Multi-Lateral Aid: a comparative study of Economic Crimes in Sub- Saharan Africa.
  • Participated in the “First Conference on Deployable AI” conducted jointly by RBCDSAI & IIT Madras (2021)
  • Participated in the NPTEL+ Workshop on “Introduction to Language Models” (2023)
  • Participated in the NPTEL+ Workshop on “Open-Source Tools for Cyber Security” (2023)
  • Participated in the IIT Madras Workshop on “Introduction to Latest Trends in AI-ChatGPT & Telemetry” (2023)
  • Completed the “In-Plant Training” in United Electrical Industries Ltd, Quilon (2013)
  • Completion Certificate of Online Course on “Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Framework” jointly organised by NIDM and GFDRR. (2021)
  • Completion Certificate on the 4-week Online Training Programme on “Digital Forensics” by Uttarakhand Open University
  • Participation Certificate of Online Course on “Border Management” organized by Rashtriya Raksha University.
  • Participation Certificate of Online Training Programme on “Training Development Programme on Basics of Disaster Management and Disaster Risk Reduction” organised by NIDM
  • Participation Certificate of Online Training Programme on “Resilience to Disaster Technology Financial and Capacity Building” organised by NIDM
  • Participation Certificate of Online Training Programme on “Road Safety and Transport Infrastructure Resilience” organised by NIDM
  • Won 3rd Prize in the Photography Contest organised by the Multimedia & Social Media Club of Rashtriya Raksha University (2022).
  • Certificate of Appreciation by IIT Madras for working as student volunteer for “Safety & Security” at IITM Paradox (2022).
  • English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil
  • Photography, Trekking , Road Tourism, Listening to Music