Mr. Arpan A Chakravarty

Research Officer

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About Mr. Arpan A Chakravarty

Mr. Chakravarty is a lawyer by training (BA LLB (Hons.), LLM) with research interest in law, national security, and foreign affairs. Currently, he is assisting Professor Bimal N Patel, a Designate Member of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) and International Law Commission (ILC) Member at Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar.

He has been part of the prestigious Defence Correspondents Course (2022) by the Ministry of Defence, India. Moreover, he is a recipient of Network for Advanced Studies on Pakistan (NASP) Fellowship at the Takshashila Institution, Bengaluru for his research project on Indus Water Treaty Negotiation and its Impact of International Law.

Previously, he was a G20 Fellow with Indian Institute of Science as part of India’s G20 Secretariat. He has the experience of interning with premier institutions such as Ministry of External Affairs, India; Indian Institute of Science (IISc); Observer Research Foundation (ORF), Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), Commonwealth Human Rights Initiatives (CHRI) among the others.

He is multilingual and passionate about teaching and furthering the scholarship of law, national security, and foreign affairs in India and abroad.

Christ University, School of Law, Bengaluru. (2016-21)
  • A Five-Year BA LLB (Hons.), An average score of 2.98 out of 4. Integrated, full-time undergraduate degree program.
  • Completed Diploma Course on International Affairs and Diplomacy from the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership, New Delhi.
  • Dissertation on “Critical Analysis of National Security Laws: A catalyst for restoring legislative and judicial legitimacy in India”.
Auro University, School of Law, Surat. (2021-22)
  • Pursued full-time Masters (Post Graduate) program LLM Degree program (Gold Medalist). A score of 8.23 out of 10.
  • Completed dissertation on “The Emergence of Lawfare- The Instrumental Usage of Legal Tools as Weapons of War in Modern Times”.
  • Young Leader at The Pacific Forum (CSIS) a think tank in United States working on the issues of Indo-Pacific, 2022-23 (India, Foreign Affairs and Law).
  • Fellow at Network for Advanced Studies on Pakistan (NASP) from Takshashila Institution, a think tank in Bengaluru, 2023-24 under Dr Aparna Pande (Project focused on Indus-Water Treaty Negotiation and International Law).
  • Attended Summer School Course by Indian Society of International Law 2022, New Delhi.
  • Completed Course on War and Policy from The Peninsula Foundation, Chennai.
  • Completed specialization in Investment Management Capstone Project coursework from the University of Geneva in collaboration with UBS in full scholarship through Coursera.
  • Completed International Law in Action: How International Disputes gets solved? Coursework from Leiden University, Hague through Coursera.
  • Completed Understanding Research Methods coursework from the University of London through Coursera.
  • Completed After the Arab Spring – Democratic Aspirations and State Failures Capstone project from the University of Copenhagen through Coursera.
  • Panellist at Swansea University and University of South Wales at conference on ‘Hybrid Warfare/Security Conference’ as part of Jean Monnet Module on EU-HYBRID, co-funded by European Union on the subject of ‘The Role of Lawfare in the Ukraine Conflict: A Legal Analysis of Russia’s ‘Special Military Operation”. Link Available: (
  • Keynote Speaker at Jindal School of International Affairs, OP Jindal Global University on the subject, “CI/CT, Rule of Law, and State Response to Lawfare”. Link available: (
  • Keynote Speaker at Auro University as part of India’s G20 University Connect on the topic ‘Amrit kaal and G20’, February 8th, 2023. (Offline)
  • Presenter at Rashtriya Raksha University on ‘International Lawfare Prospect and Challenges for Rising India’, October 2022. (Link:
  • Panellist at Air University (U.S. Air and Space Force’s Centre for Professional Military Education (PME) on ‘International Laws of War and Gray Zone Lawfare in Space’ accompanied by Major Tirado, who is a Schriever Space Scholar at Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) and Professor David Lorenzo of Forces Staff College (JFSC), National Defense University, June 13th 2022. (Link:
  • Keynote Speaker at Department of Civics and Politics on ‘Lawfare – Law as a medium of War’, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, April 8th, 2022.
  • Keynote Speaker at National Level Seminar on “Atmanirbhar Bharath and its role in Indigenous Defence Industry”, Jain Deemed-to-be-University, Bengaluru, January 25th 2022. (Link:
  • Keynote Speaker, presented on behalf of India, “China’s Maritime Law: Its Effect on Peace, Security and Stability in the South China Sea and the World ”, alongside Hon. Justice Conchita Carpio Morales, Retired Supreme Court Justice of Philippines and other academicians, military veterans, professors from the United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Indonesia. October 2021 (Link:
  • Panellist, “Modern Political Warfare in South Asia” by Strategic Affair India and ReThink India, July 2021, alongside Dr Manoj Kumar Panigrahi, Assistant Professor, Jindal Global University. (Link:
  • Panellist, “Understanding the Indian Approach of Governance: Operations and Warfare in Cyberspace- Visions and perspective”, The Juris En Conference on International Law- 2020 for Young Leaders, February 9, 2020.
  • Book Chapter: “The Role of Lawfare in the Ukraine Conflict: A Legal Analysis of Russia’s ‘Special Military Operations’”, “Western and European Resilience against Hybrid Warfare”, Marine Corps University Press in collaboration with EU-HYBRID.
  • Book Chapter: “The Impact of Pakistan Backed Terrorism in Kashmir Valley: Exploring Societal and Cultural Effects and Analysis of India’s Kashmir Policy (1991-2023)”, Springer’s International UK, in Book titled ‘Transnational Unconventional Organised Crime’.
  • “Critical Analysis of the Evolution of the Chinese Private Space Sector: The Past, Present and Future”, Journal of Defence Studies, Manohar Parrikar Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (MP-IDSA), April 2023.
  • Best Publication, “Understanding Xi Jinping thought on Rule of Law: Future Substance of Lawfare and Challenges in the Indo-Pacific”, Selected Book Chapter, ‘International Lawfare: Challenges or Prospects for a Rising India’, Rashtriya Raksha University (An Institution by Ministry of Home Affairs), October 2022.
  • “Afghanistan, China and Indo-Pacific: Significant Challenges in the Indo-Pacific”, Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs (JIPA), Afghanistan Fallout Series, The Air University Press, ISSN: 2576-5361, Sept 2021.
  • “An examination into managing the plight of Migrant workers in India during the COVID-19 and beyond”, South Asian Journal of International Law: Policy Analysis, Global Relations and Legal Policy Book, 2020, ISSN No: 979-86-6502-892-7 (Book), ISSN No: 978-93-5407-220-8 (Online), May 2020.
  • “Old Wine in a New Casket: AFSPA in J&K through the realm of Law”, Centre for Land Warfare Studies: Articles: January 2020
  • “The ‘Peaceful’ rise of China – Not so peaceful in South Asia after all” Global Law Assembly Review, June 20, 2020.
  • “Should India join the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance with China?” Global Relations and Legal Policy Book, 2020, ISSN No: 979-86-6502-892-7 (Book), ISSN No: 978-93-5407-220-8 (Online).