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Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Rashtriya Raksha University, a pioneering national security and police university of India with a mission to emerge as a premier center of knowledge for global and national stakeholders seeks to contribute to India’s vision of a Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable World Order based on Rule of Law. We at RRU are committed to identify, prepare and sustain statecraft of national strategic and security culture through continuous enhancement and development of educational, research and training cadres from the security, military and civilian society. Our purpose is to ensure that holistic security and strategic education is important for the Overall National Security. National Security is an Enabling Driver for The Nation’s Peace, Prosperity and Stability. A Peaceful, Prosperous and Stable Nation is Essential for a similar World Order. We contribute towards the creation of the Security Culture in India.  We continue to achieve this vision and mission with the commitment of enlightened faculty and professionals from civilian and military establishments to provide the best public and private strategic and security services to the nation and the world peace, prosperity and stability in general.

Training, Research, Education and Extension (TREE): Our 11 Schools aim to constitute the overall university culture of excellence. These are – School of Internal Security and Police Administration (SISPA); School of Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security (SITAICS); School of Forensic Science and Risk Management (SFSRM); School of Criminology and Crime Science (SCCS); School of Foreign Affairs Languages and Political Economy (SFALPE); School of Security Law, Humanities and Social Sciences (SLHSS); School of Physical Education and Sports and NCC (SPESN); School of Maritime, Air and Space Studies (SMASS); School of Military Affairs, Strategic and Logistics (SMASL); School of Security Technology Development, Manufacturing and Exports (SSTDME); School of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SASET).

RRU aims to undertake research and training, revitalizing the rich civilization of India and create unique historical research culture for those who have served and are serving the cause of national security.

National and International Partners: RRU partners include foreign and Indian universities, institutions, think-tanks and individuals of India who share India’s vision of a peaceful, prosperous and stable world order based on Rule of Law.

RRU strives for the creation and sustainability of knowledge and research partnership with security and defense industry, corporate houses, agencies, forces, academia and contribute in a significant way economic and industrial prowess of India in the 21st century.

Infrastructure: Lavad-Dahegam, a village close to the capital of Gujarat (India), Gandhinagar hosts the campus of the RRU. 250 acres Campus, able to provide excellent incubation-start-up infrastructure, equipped with the advanced and contemporary technology and equipment, is fully geared to realise Make In India vision of the Nation. RRU will make distinct and apt contribution to the New India.

People at RRU: We invite learned and committed specialists and experts from across the world to contribute to the programs and activities of these Schools. Equally important, we invite professionals, specialists, retired and serving officers from military and para-military forces, security agencies, establishments, institutions and student community at large to enrich the learning and research culture of the RRU. This will lead to creation of security culture and cadre of dedicated personnel and individuals, of all age groups of all backgrounds, to contribute to the overall vision of the University.

We deeply appreciate the most generous contribution of the Government of India and the Government of Gujarat and invite all states, institutions and individuals to contribute to the journey of excellence.

Jai Hind !!

Professor (Dr) Bimal N. Patel, Vice-Chancellor

Member, National Security Advisory Board of India