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About RRU Library

Rashtriya Raksha University Library is an invaluable source of information for students, faculty members, researchers and other stakeholders of the University. The library has specialised resources in various subjects related to Internal Security, Policing, National Security, Criminology, Cyber Security, Forensic Science, Coastal Security, Criminal Law and related subjects in print as well as electronic form. The Library serves its users with the help of state-of-the-art tools, technologies and unique resources by providing access to the global contents in the respective subject domain on their fingertip.

Key figures:

  • Printed Books 12,157
  • Printed Periodicals including Journals/Magazines/Newspapers 36
  • Electronic Databases / e-Resources 32
  • e-Books 5,08,528
  • e-Journals 10,076
  • e-Periodicals including e-Magazines, e-Journals and e-Newspapers 7,706
  • e-Conference Proceedings 9,864
  • Audio/Video contents 331
  • Other e-Literature 10,22,326
  • Users (Students, Faculty, Researchers & Staff) 925
  • Floor Area in sf 4,300
  • Reading Area Capacity 120
Open Resources
Library Committee

The University has constituted Library Committee for smooth functioning of the Library. The Library Committee deals with important aspects including collection development, library budget, staff development etc. and to advise University on library related matters.


  1. Dr. L. Venkateswaran
  2. Mr. Mohit Charan
  3. Ms. Richa Sharma
  4. Mr. Pragneshkumar Parekh
  5. Mr. Gaurang Raval
  6. Mr. Manteshwar Jha, Student Representative
  7. Ms. Neha Jain, Student Representative

For any query pertaining to Library Committee, please contact

Print Collection

RRU Library has specialised collection of more than 12,157 books in various subjects related to Policing and National Security. Apart from these, library has good collection related to Literature, Crime Fictions, Health & Fitness, Personality Development and Competitive Examination.

Major Subjects:

  • Police Administration & Policing
  • Criminology
  • IT & Cyber Security
  • Forensic Science
  • Criminal Law
  • Military & Defence
  • Maritime & Costal Security
  • Terrorism & Naxalism
  • Physical Education, Sports, Yoga & Fitness

The library subscribes periodicals including Journals, Magazines and Newspapers to provide insights into recent developments in the respective domains. The Library also has more than 200 Students Projects, Dissertations and Theses.

Online Resources / Databases

HeinOnline is a source for traditional legal materials (reported cases, statutes, government regulations, academic law reviews, commercially produced law journals and magazines, and classic treatises), historical, governmental, and political documents, legislative debates, legislative and executive branch reports, world constitutions, international treaties, and reports and other documents of international organizations. The database includes more than 192 million pages of materials “in an online, fully searchable, image-based format”.
Access link

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL)

The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law is a comprehensive online resource containing peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of public international law. Articles covering the history and theory of international law; all subfields such as international criminal law, environmental law, and economic law; leading cases; and significant treaties, organizations, armed conflicts, and geographical issues.
Access link

Oxford Reports on International Law (ORIL)

Oxford Reports on International Law has set new standards for currency and coverage of public international case law, reporting on international courts, domestic courts and Ad hoc tribunals. Case reports contain full text of each decision, headnote, as well as analytical commentary and English translations of a number of key non-English decisions. ORIL contains case law from a large number of domestic and international courts, spanning subject areas in human rights law, criminal law, investment arbitration and more. With reports on over 5,500 cases, ORIL is now rightly regarded as a must-have resource for the international law researcher.
Access link

ACM Digital Library

The ACM Digital Library is a vast collection of citations and full text content from ACM journals, magazines, newsletter, and conference proceedings. (Title List)
Access link

EBSCO Criminal Justice Abstract with Full Text

The database covers top ranked journals and magazines on the subjects like criminology, policing, forensic sciences, corrections, criminal law, criminal psychology and investigation. (Title List)
Access link

IA Reporter

The database contains online reports, articles and analysis relating to foreign investment protection, dispute resolution and policy making.
Access link

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library

IEEE Computer Society Digital Library collection is a part of IEEE Xplore and contains Over 8,00,000 top-quality computing articles & papers from 41 IEEE Computer Society Periodicals and more than 9,000 Annual Conference proceedings. (Title List)
Access link


RRU Library has access to following products of Janes:

  • Janes Defence Weekly
  • Janes Intelligence Review
  • Janes International Defence Review
  • Markets Forecast
To access these resources of Janes. (Login Credentials Required)
Access link


Manupatra is the comprehensive online legal research database in India, consisting of Judgments across all subjects of law from Supreme Court, all High Courts and Tribunals, exhaustive repository of Central Acts and Rules, Notifications and Circulars, largest collection of State Acts and Notifications, apart from host of other information with cross-references.
Access link

SCC Online

SCC Online Database is a legal content database covering Indian Case Law, Indian Statutory Laws, Indian Secondary Material and Moot Court Resources.
Access link

South Asia Archive

The South Asia Archive provides online access to millions of pages of rare primary and secondary sources from across the social sciences and humanities. This resource is provided through INFLIBNET Centre under ESS Scheme.
Access link

The Laws Super

It is an interactive database on Indian Laws which covers Acts, Judgments on Indian Laws, Rules, Regulations, Orders, Notifications, Schemes etc. of Indian Government and all State Governments.(Login Credentials Required)
Access link

UNCLOS Commentary Online

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea edited by Myron H. Nordquist, Satya Nandan and Shabtai Rosenne. This reference work is based almost entirely on the formal and informal documentation of the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III, 1973-1982), coupled, where necessary, with the personal knowledge of editors, contributors, or reviewers, many of whom were principal negotiators or UN personnel who participated in the Conference.
Access link

Brill eBooks

Brill eBooks contains access to more than 1940 titles covering a variety of topics on International Law, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, and Maritime etc. (Title List)
Access link

e-Vidya and E-Vidya Bhasha Collection (Sage eBooks)

Our Library is having perpetual access to e-Vidya and e-Vidya Bhasha (Hindi) Collection-2021 of total 239 Sage eBooks which includes 111 titles from Social Science Collection, 11 titles from Non-fiction Collection, 14 titles from Business & Management Collection and 103 titles from e-Vidya Bhasha Hindi collection. (Title List)
Access link

EBSCO eBooks Academic Collection

EBSCO eBooks Academic Collection which includes around 2,17,133 eBooks in various subjects like Military Science, Naval Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Political Science, Technology and many more from well-known press like Yale University Press, Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press, MIT Press, University of California Press and many others. (Title List)
Access link

Human Kinetics Library

Human Kinetics Library covers collection of more than 167 market-leading eBooks from Human Kinetics Publishing, including textbooks, supplementary monographs and materials for practitioners. It also includes over 252 videos including demonstrations of exercise movements and explanations of key physical activity concepts. (Title List)
Access link

JSTOR eBooks

JSTOR eBooks contains premium high quality books from various renowned societies and renowned publishers on a variety of subjects which will fulfil the requirement of an entire e-Books library. (Title List)
Access link

T&F ForensicNetBase

This is collection of more than 190 eBooks titles in the area on Forensic Science. Featuring works by esteemed criminologists and forensic practitioners, this unparalleled e-library boasts an ever-growing number of essential references on crisis management and negotiation methods, arson and homicide investigation, expert witnessing, forensic pathology and toxicology, and cyber-crime. (Title List)
Access link

ProQuest Academic Complete eBooks

ProQuest Academic Complete offers access to more than 2,07,340 multidisciplinary eBooks with unlimited, multi-user access, powerful research tools and DRM-free chapter downloads.(Title List)
Access link

e-Journals / Magazines
Brill Journals

The 2022 Brill Online Journal Collection gives access to the online content available back to the year 2000 of Brill´s 2022 complete journals.(Title list)
Access link


Edzter is a digital reading platform of more than 5000 magazines, newspapers and journals of multiple disciplines and languages. It provides web base and app base access from RRU Campus network. User may access the resource by registering themselves using email id.(Title list)
Access link

Foreign Policy

This source publishes articles, news, analysis, podcasts, opinion and analysis in the domain of foreign affairs, politics and international relations. It also includes access to digital PDF archive to all its previous issues of print magazine “Foreign Policy”.
Access link

Sage Journals

Our Library has access to 24 journals of various subjects in print and online form. (Title List)
Access link

ProQuest Journals (PACD)

It contains good collection of Journals on Publicly Available Content Database(PACD). (Title list)
Access link

Taylor & Francis e-Journals

This journal package has total 1076 e-journals in Social Science, Humanities, Law, Defence, Criminology etc. This subscription is available through INFLIBNET ESS package at the negotiated rates.(Title List)
Access link

JSTOR Journal

JSTOR contents more than 2,600 top scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences by publishers from more than 57 countries to preserve and make their content digitally available. (Title List)
Access link

JSTOR Security Studies Collection

This is a specialised collection of e-journals, reports and other contents in the field of Security Studies. (Title List)
Access link

The Diplomat

The Diplomat is the premier international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region. It provides expert coverage on Geo-political trends throughout the Asia-Pacific, Defence and intelligence, Environment, human security and development and Arts, social trends and popular culture.
Access link

Intelligence Online

It contains reports on and analyses secret diplomacy, parallel operations and conflicts around the world, focusing on the role of government intelligence agencies, corporate intelligence firms and lobby groups. It also investigates money-laundering, political instability, terrorism, espionage and organized crime in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are having 10 users access. (Login Credentials Required)
Access link

Other Resources
Ouriginal Anti-Plagiarism Tool

Ouriginal (formally known as URKUND) provides a fully automated system for handling plagiarism. It automatically checks the submitted text for plagiarism, which encourages original writing amongst students and corporate writers. It works as a preventive measure to stop plagiarism and copying at the very root and safeguard originality and transparency. Contact for checking document or more details.
Access link

Turnitin Similarity Anti-Plagiarism Tool

It is an online plagiarism detection service. It helps researchers to check and avoid plagiarism and improve writing.
Access link


It is a web-based access tool for libraries digital resources from anywhere.
Access link

For further help / login credentials, please contact:
Mr. Gaurang Raval, Library & Information Assistant (
Mr. Pragneshkumar Parekh, Asst. Librarian (
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Library Services

We cater to wide range of users like under-graduate and post-graduate students, research scholars, faculty members and staff of the University. Besides conventional library services like issue, return and reference services, we also provide services like literature search, online document delivery email alert services.

We also encourage our users to make maximum use of quality open access resources. We also conduct on demand Information Literacy session for students, research scholars and faculty member.

We have subscribed to an anti-plagiarism tool called Urkund, which helps us in publishing quality research. The library provides following services to the member community.

  • Circulation (Issue, Return, Membership etc.)
  • Reference and Information (Information Search & Retrieval)
  • Database Search Service
  • Current Awareness Service
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • E-mail alert Services
  • Electronic Document Delivery Services
  • Information Literacy Session (On Demand)
Library Timing
VenueDaysWorking HoursCirculation (Issue-Return)
RRU Library BuildingOffice Working DaysMorning 8 to Midnight 12 O’clockMorning 8 to Midnight 12 O’clock