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Internship & Placement Section

(I&P Section)


To accomplish 100% placement for all aspiring students who seek placement assistance from the university by building a robust culture among the students through continuous industry exposures and comprehensive engagements.


The mission of the Internship & Placement Section is to provide personal & career related guidance to the students with greater emphasis on internships, training and overall employability skill enhancement of the students to make them industry-ready and employable.

About Internship and Placement Section

Internship & Placement Section (I&PS) is a facilitating body conducting training, counselling skill enhancement activities for the final placement of the young minds of the university. RRU believes in creating professionals with a sense of integrity, awareness & excellence. I&PS is enthusiastic to bridge the gap between the students and the world outside the campus to be able to chase their dreams. Apart from providing job and internship opportunities, I&P Section also offers guidance to students that helps them shape their career to empower the students to discover their true potential and help them to pursue their dreams in all possible career verticals including entrepreneurship, placement, further study and competitive examinations.

Students can avail I&P Section resources that help them to explore and plan their career effectively. I&P Section also conducts various sessions that help students in career counselling, resume preparation, screening tests, group discussion, interview process, personality development, interactions with Alumni where they share their journey & experience and through that inspire the budding graduates. The I&P Section provides a platform where opportunity taker(students) and opportunity giver (recruiter) can come together to explore avenues of a fruitful and collaborative association. We are proud of several such associations in the past in the form of internships and placements for which we are grateful to participating organizations both from India and abroad.

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Internship Records of 2022 Batch till date

Sr. No Student Name Course Company/Organisation Name
1 Haisav Chokshi BTech CyberEq, Australia
2 Yash Gupta BTech CyberEq, Australia
3 Yash H Barot BTech CyberEq, Australia
4 Dharmishtha Ravindrabhai Mandhalkar BTech CyberEq, Australia
5 Dhwanan Asit Acharya BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
6 Haisav Saumil Chokshi BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
7 Jay Shaileshbhai Prajapati BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
8 Jenil Patel BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
9 Rajkumar Kishorbhai Kotadiya BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
10 Khushbu Laljibhai Parmar BTech Cyber Cell, Ahmedabad
11 Sashi Bhushan A Rajput BTech DoSelect, Bengaluru
12 Anubhav Varshney PGDICSCF Cyber Crime Branch, Mathura (UP)
13 Mahakant Sharma MTech Cyber Peace
14 Anjali Mendpara MTech Cyber Peace
15 Akash Deep MTech CyberEq, Australia
16 Bharatkumar Machhi MTech CyberEq, Australia
17 Dhaval Amrutbhai Suthar MTech CyberEq, Australia
18 Jignesh Kishorbhai Makvana MTech CyberEq, Australia
19 Mahakant Sharma MTech CyberEq, Australia
20 Minesh Jethalal Padwani MTech CyberEq, Australia
21 Sparsh Khatri MTech CyberEq, Australia
22 Lochan Hiranandani MTech CyberEq, Australia
23 Mudra Utpalkumar Nayak MTech CyberEq, Australia
24 Parthaviben Narsinh Parmar MTech CyberEq, Australia
25 Anil Kumar S G MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
26 Kushal M MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
27 Nitheshwar S MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
28 Aarti Jaydeepsinh Vaghela MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
29 Anupriya sinha MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
30 Madhur Muskan MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
31 Saini Das MSc-DF CyberEq, Australia
32 Kuldeep Singh Chouhan MSc-DF Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur
33 Jay Shaileshbhai Prajapati BTech Knovos India Pvt. Ltd., Gandhinagar
Sr. No Student Name Course Company/Organisation Name
1 Manteshwar Kumar Jha Masters in Forensic Psychology CyberEq, Australia
2 Nitin Nishad Masters in Forensic Psychology CyberEq, Australia
3 Shreyansh Srivastava Masters in Forensic Psychology CyberEq, Australia
4 Lavina Pratap Bhambhani Masters in Forensic Psychology CyberEq, Australia
5 Mary Madhushree Ghosh Masters in Forensic Psychology CyberEq, Australia
6 Aadya Ramesh Pattath MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
7 Adarsh V P MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
8 Ankitha T M K Pillai MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
9 Gohil Adityasinh Pruthvirajsinh MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
10 Jaydeep Patel MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
11 Karthikeyan S MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
12 Shilpa Aravindakshan K B MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
13 Srividhya Ganapathyraman MSc-Forensic Science Delhi FSL
14 Pappu Hima Sai Durga Venkatesh MSc-Forensic Science RFSL Vijaywada
15 Penumarthi Gowtham Sai MSc-Forensic Science RFSL Vijaywada
Sr. No Student Name Course Company/Organisation Name
1 Shivani Mehta BASM (English) Mahila Police Station, Jamnagar
2 Avinash Vara BASM (English) Superintendent of Police Office, Nadiad
3 Ramesh Gujariya BASM (Gujarati) Police Station, Anjar
4 Somya Rajeev Agarwal BASM (English) Mahila Police Station, Rajasthan
Sr. No Student Name Course Company/Organisation Name
1 Ambees Saikia MA Criminology CyberEq, Australia
Academic Programme

Duration: Minimum Three Years

Introduction of the Programme: School of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Centre for Post-Graduate Legal Studies (CPGLS) offers one year LLM in Criminal & Security Laws which is uniquely crafted course for the students interested in building their career in various functions and functionaries of Criminal Justice System.

Duration of program : 2 Semesters

In the first semester, there are 5 papers and in the second semester there are 4 papers and 1 dessertation

Prime Recruiters
Contact us

Mr. Nimesh Dave

Senior Internship & Placement Manager,

Rashtriya Raksha University,

Lavad, Dahegam, Gandhinagar – 382305

Phone No. – (+91) 079-68126829

Email –

SLHSS Services
  • Expert Lecture: NCC Law Topics under ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate Exam Syllabus.
  • Services Provided: The School of Law, Humanities and Social Sciences [SLHSS], Rashtriya Raksha University submitted relevant recommendations to The Criminal Justice Reforms Committee to be considered as changes in Indian Penal Code 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act 1872. The Committee was mandated by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for the reformation of the Criminal Laws. The Co-ordinator of the Committee on Criminal Justice Reforms Prof (Dr) G S Bajpai acknowledged our work and appreciated the same.
Mr Nimesh Dave

Senior Internship & Placement Manager

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