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Dr. Shen, Ming-Shih

Director, Division of National Security and Research, Acting Deputy CEO, Institute for National Defense Security Research, Taiwan

About Dr. Shen, Ming-Shih

Dr. Shen, Ming-Shih is a Visiting Faculty, School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages, Rashtriya Raksha University since May 2022. Dr. Shen is also Research Fellow and Director, Division of National Security Research Acting Deputy CEO, Institute for National Defense Security Research, Taiwan (R.O.C.) He is also Adjunct Associate Professor, Graduate Institute for International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Tamkang University, Taiwan; and Former Director and Associate Professor War College National Defense University, Taiwan. Dr. Shen specializes in National Security Research; Military Strategy; Civil-Military Relations and National Organization Reform. He has written 25 books including on “Women and Military”, “PLA after The Reform”, “Taiwan Defense Strategy”. His articles include:

  1. China’s Cyber Warfare Strategy and Approaches toward Taiwan,”(中共對台網路戰與途徑)Taiwan Strategists, No.2, June 2019, pp.1-18;
  2. “Pure Commercial or More Than Strategic?An Observation of China’s Establishment of Overseas Naval Bases,”(純粹商業或超越戰略用途:中共建設海外軍事基地的觀察)in G.V.C. Naidu, Mumin Chen, Raviprasad Narayanan, eds. India and China in the Emerging Dynamics of East Asia (New Delhi: Springer, 2015 ), pp.139-158;
  3. “Beijing’s OBOR Initiative and Taiwan:Beyond the Infrastructure Gambit,”(中共一帶一路與台灣:超越基礎建設的賭局) in Jagannath P. Panda & Titli Basu, eds., China-India-Japan in the Indo-Pacific:Ideas, Interests and Infrastructure(New Delhi:Pentagon Press, 2018), 103-117;
  4. “China’s Military Capabilities toward Taiwan:Use and Implication,” (中共對台軍事能力:運用與影響) in Ming-Hsien Wong ed., On China’s Military Rise(New Taipei City: Tamkang University press, 2015), pp.265-286;
  5. “China’s Military Reform and U.S.-China Crisis Management after the Military Display for the End of the War,(中共軍事改革與美中危機管理)” Prospects and Perspective,2015, Prospect Foundation, pp.101-106.

“The School of International Cooperation, Security and Strategic Languages regards various languages as the best tools to attain the strategic value and function, emphasizing the importance of languages to international affairs and national security. In many international occasions and situation analysis works, in addition to the professional knowledge background, the most important thing is the language mastery. This school can provide the best language teachers and faculties in India, as well as professional courses in international relations, national security, military Mandarin and regional countries’ languages courses, with native-speaking teachers and intensive professional training, and give the student the strategic language skills in a short time.”