Dr. S. L. Vaya

Director, School of Criminology and Behavioural Sciences (SCBS)
Rashtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar.

About S. L. Vaya

At present Dr.S.L. Vaya is working as Director, School of Criminology & Behavioural Sciences at Rashtriya Raksha University. Prior to this she worked as Director, Institute of Research & Development & Professor at Raksha Shakti University. She worked on new domains like Neurocriminology, Forensic Assessment Interviews, Dermatoglyphic personality profiling, validation study of Farwell’s brain fingerprinting technology and many more small projects. She started PhD program at Raksha Shakti University from August 2014 and in the first batch 13 students were registered for PhD on document examination, fingerprint analysis, forensic toxicology, cyber security, digital forensics, forensic psychology and police science. By 2016, 25 PhD scholars are registered at RSU. She worked as Dean and Director of Institute of Behavioural Sciences, Gujarat Forensic Sciences University for three years. She was first to start M.Phil in Clinical Psychology approved by RCI in Gujarat, M.Phil in Forensic Psychology and PG Diploma in Forensic Psychology in India. She established Buddha Psychological Services and extended services to school children with Specific Learning Disabilities and services for the rehabilitation of convicted prisoners’ services at Sabarmati Central Prison. She worked as Additional Director for three years, Deputy Director for 9 years, Assistant Director Lie detector for 15 years before her retirement at Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Prior to that worked as professional Clinical Psychologist for 8 years at Mental Health Institutes and Medical Colleges. She was appointed as Licensing Subcommittee member of Licensing Authority of Mental Health Act, 1987, by Government of Gujarat for four years and as Non-Official Member, State Mental Health Authority, Government of Gujarat for four years.

Dr.S.L.Vaya established Forensic Psychology division at FSL, Ahmedabad in 1988 and is the pioneer of Forensic Psychology in India. She developed procedures and methodologies of all advanced technologies related to suspect interrogations in Gujarat. For comprehensive forensic analysis of the suspect’s behavior, she used forensic statement analysis, crime scene profiling, behavior profiling, forensic psychological assessment, polygraph examination, Narcoanalysis, Brain signature profiling, brain fingerprinting, suspect detection system and Layered Voice Analysis and reported both criminal and civil cases. She was handling technical, legal & administrative aspects as head of forensic psychology division for 28 years. She has examined nearly 5000 cases using techniques like polygraph examination, narcoanalysis, brain signature profiling, suspect detection system, layered voice analysis, psychological profiling, forensic statement analysis, criminal profiling and reported cases for CID-crime, CBI, IB, Revenue, and ATS from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, M.P, U.P, Manipur, Portblair, Kolkata, Jammu and Kashmir in addition to Gujarat. She has appeared as expert witness in criminal trials in various sessions’ courts of Gujarat, Kerala, Hyderabad, Ghaziabad, Indore, Ajmer, and Ranchi including CBI courts. Few high profile cases reported are Madhumita Shukla case, Gutka case, Nithari serial killing, Aarushi-Hemraj double murder, Ujjain serial killing, Ranchi multiple murder, fake stamp scam, lion poaching in Gujarat. Cases reported from Raksha Shakti University include midday meal tragedy of Bihar. She established National Resource Center for Forensic Psychology at DFS, Gandhinagar. She is the first NABL Accredited Forensic Psychologist in India for Polygraph Examination, Narcoanalysis and Brain signature Profiling. NABL appointed her as technical expert for onsite assessment of lie detector unit to State FSL, Andhra Pradesh, CFSL, CBI, New Delhi, and Forensic Science Laboratory, Madhuban, Haryana.

She has assisted family courts and lok adalats as reconciliatory. As Deputy Director at FSL, Ahd and DFS Gandhinagar for 9 (nine) years, she was technical & administrative Head supervising 14 divisions; chemistry, toxicology, blood alcohol, prohibition possession, narcotics and explosives, physics, ballistics, biology, serology, DNA, document and Photography, forensic psychology, fingerprint bureau and mobile crime scene units before promoted as Additional Director.

She has been invited as Guest speaker to National Judicial Academy Bhopal, Gujarat Judicial Academy, Bar Council of Gujarat and Maharashtra Judicial Academy, National Police Academy, Hyderabad, Karai Police Academy, Gujarat, CBI academy, Ghaziabad, Maharashtra Police Academy, Nasik, Moradabad Police academy, U.P, NICFS, New Delhi & NEPA. She is invited as Guest speaker at Jnana Gangotri, Bangalore University, law department Jammu University, NIMHANS, Bangalore, Kuvempu University, Shimoga, XLRI, Jamshedpur.

She is a recognized PhD guide for forensic and clinical psychology at NIRMA University, Forensic & Behavioural Sciences at Raksha Shakti University & Amity University- Rajasthan. PhD guide in forensic and behavioral science at GFSU from 2011-2013. She has published number of articles in national and international journals on forensic evaluations, forensic psychology and crime investigation. She was instrumental in starting certificate course in forensic psychology at NIMHANS, Bangalore in collaboration with DFS, Gandhinagar and DFS, MHA, New Delhi. She was in charge of the TIFAC-DST project on normative data for BEOS profiling and Principal Investigator of NRC project of MHA, New Delhi.

She was awarded Commendation certificate in 2004 for “achieving excellence in providing forensic science support service to crime investigation” by Deputy Union Home Minister Shri.L.K Advani. AMITY University, Noida and AIIMS, New Delhi honored her with “Award of Excellence” in SAFCON -2008. She was awarded with prestigious Union Home Ministers award for meritorious services for the outstanding contribution in the field of forensic physical sciences in December 2010. She got Kang oration Lecture award by Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists in the year 2011. She got the Forensic Clinical Psychology award for 2015 and IACP instituted S. L. Vaya Forensic Psychology award. Prestigious Union Home Ministers Life time Achievement Award was conferred in February 2018. Honored at Golden jubilee celebration of IACP in 2018 with “50 years & 50 icons” award.

At present, Dr.S.L. Vaya is a member of Research Advisory Board, at BM. Institute of Mental Health, Ahmedabad; SGT University, Gurgaon, DIPR, DRDO, Member of National Central Council Member constituted be NIMHANS, Bangalore & was invited as Guest of Honor for the inauguration. Visiting Faculty at Forensic Science Department, Gujarat University, Nirma Institute of Law, Co-Investigator of a CSIR project at Psychology department of Kolkata University, Resource person to Gujarat Judicial Academy, National Police Academy, Hyderabad and North Eastern Police Academy (NEPA), Shillong. She has worked as consultant to vice media for crime documentary.

Dr.S.L. Vaya is an RCI recognized professional Clinical Psychologist by training, pioneer of Forensic Psychology & Neurocriminology in India. By innovation and experience a Forensic Scientist & Forensic-Clinical Psychologist.