Dr. Noorin Chaudhary

Assistant Professor (Forensic Psychology)
School of Behavioural Sciences and Forensic Investigations (SBSFI)

Email – ap9.sbsfi@rru.ac.in

About Dr. Noorin Chaudhary

Forensic Investigations at Rashstriya Raksha University, Gujarat Campus. She augmented her qualifications with a Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Psychology from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, equipping herself with specialized skills in forensic assessment and analysis. She obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology from RAI University in 2017, consolidating her understanding of psychological principles through rigorous research.

She had the privilege of serving in various esteemed institutions for around 12 years, contributing significantly to the fields of mental health and psychology. Her role as an Assistant Professor at Rashtriya Raksha University has allowed me to impart knowledge and shape the next generation of professionals in the realm of national security and law enforcement. Additionally, her tenure as a Clinical Psychologist under the National Mental Health Program provided with invaluable experience in delivering mental health services within a hospital setting, and patients at remote areas, addressing the diverse needs of patients with compassion and expertise. Prior to this, she served as a Child Psychologist at G.M.E.R.S Medical, where she focused on providing specialized care to children with psychological disorders, enhancing their well-being and resilience. Furthermore, her role as a Counsellor in the Opioid Substitution Therapy program enabled me to offer counselling and support to individuals struggling with addiction, facilitating their journey towards recovery and rehabilitation. Additionally, she is also providing mental health services at Airforce, Sports Authority of India and BSF and also has served as member of Gender Sensitisation committee at various institutes.