Dr. Jasbirkaur Thadhani

Assistant Professor
School of Criminology & Behavioral Science (SCBS)

Contact No. –

Email – jasbir.thadhani@rru.ac.in

Research Area – Psychometric Assessment Tools Development and Data Analysis

Academic Qualifications – PhD, Psychology

  • Counseling Psychologist with Indian Institute Of Technology Gandhinagar(IITGN) from April 2010 to December,2017
  • Head, Psychotherapy and Psychometric Assessments with Mehrizm Foundation January, 2018 to August, 2022
  • Consultant Counselling Psychologist with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) 2019 to 2020.
  • Visiting faculty with L & C Mehta College, Gujarat Law Society University
  • Visiting faculty of practice with Department of Psychology, Gujarat University
  • Visiting Faculty with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (NID)
  • Visiting faculty with Rastriya Raksha University
  • Taught short course at IIM Indore
  • Best research Award for “Constructing Highly reliable and valid Psychometric test following accurate Psychometric procedure in an International Conference , Ahmedabad, September ’19
  • Awarded “Young Psychologist Award” in National Conference On ‘100 Years of Psychology in India’ – September, ’16
  • Awarded with ‘Work Excellence Award’ by Indian Institute Of Technology Gandhinagar in January, ‘16
  • Awarded ‘Counselor of the year’ by L & C Mehta College, Gujarat Law Society in October, ‘13
  • Mz Aptitude Assessment Tool for school and college students
  • Mz Interest Assessment Tool for school and college students
  • Pesonality Assessment Tool for school and college students
  • Employment Profiling Tool for MNCs
  • Empathy Assessment Scale for Adults
  • Invited expert talk on “Constructing Psychometric tools in Indian context” in Rehabilitation Council of India approved International Conference, August, ’22.
  • Conducted four sessions with parent of Higher Secondary School students on Parents’ role while adolescents choose their career: Vidyamandir , Palanpur , July, ‘2022
  • Invited talk on Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Awaerness organized by Gujarat Law Society University, July, ’22.
  • Invited talk at Manipal Institute of Higher education on ‘Mental Wellbeing ‘ July 2021
  • Webinar on Understanding the gender Dynamics , Womens ‘ day organized by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Regional Outreach Bureau Ahmedabad, & Gopinath Mahila Arts commerce college, Shihor, March 2021
  • Invited expert talk on “Creative Methodologies for School Counseling” Organised by International Association of Yong Psychologists & Jindal Institute If Behavioural Sciences , 24th December, 2020
  • Invited talk On Emotional Wellbeing at ‘ Intas pharmaceuticals’ April 2020 Conducted Training for Principals of Palanpur Schools on ‘Importance of Self-awareness as a leader’. December, ‘19
  • Invited talk on ‘ Psychometric Assessment in Indian context’ at an International Conference organized by Gestalt Psychology Association, Mehsana October 2018
  • Conducted Training on behalf of Gujarat Council Of Education, Research, and Training for all Psychology Teachers, Gujarat. September 18
  • One-day workshop on Career Assessments at Department Of Psychology, Saurashtra University, Rajkot November, ‘17
  • Expert talk at Pre-conference talk in National Conference on 100 years of Psychology September, ‘16
  • Talk on ‘The Man in search of meaning’ at ‘Ahmedabad National Book Fair on April, ‘15
  • Reviewer; Gujarat Board of Education, Text Book of Psychology for Higher Secondary Class reviewed as a subject expert. Text book is a part of Syllabus of Gujarat Board Higher Secondary schools.
  • Emotional Intelligence; Quantifying the impact of therapy on Emotional Intelligence( International journal of Social Science, 9-13, 2021)
  • Can Emotional Intelligence be enhanced by working on ‘Meaning in life’? (International Journal of Social Science,462-465, 2020)
  • Contributed a chapter on Counseling in Training Manual Module of ‘Council Of Teaching, Research, and Training’ to train Gujarat State Psychology Teachers to make Psychology application-based subject for Gujarat, September 2019.
  • The Missing People: What does the Sindhi Sikh Story tell us? (Co-authored) (South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies, June 2017 )
  • Emotional Intelligence of four different academic disciplines students: Does academic discipline has any correlation with emotional intelligence? (Indian Association Of Health Research and Welfare, June 2016)
  • Vice president, Society of Young Psychologists June 2021 to till date
  • International Affiliate, American Psychology Association
  • Active committee member for developing Training Manual Module and to train Gujarat State Psychology Teachers to make Psychology application-based subject for Gujarat Council Of Teaching, Research, and training, November, ‘19
  • Coordinator Psychologist for Gujarat Council of Vocational Training Department for creating a reliable method of assessment October, ‘18
  • Committee Member, Women Cell, Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat April 2014 to December 2017
  • Committee member of Paper setter for Gujarat Chief Executive Post as a subject expert March, ‘13