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It is my pleasure and honour to introduce Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU),, Institution of National Importance, a pioneering University in the field of National Security and police, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The University aims to achieve its vision through a TREE Model – Training, Research, Education and Extension. 10 Schools of the University aims to deliver this mandate imbibing highest ideals, values and international standards.

RRU aims to reach out to community across the width and breadth of the nation and help to build human capital having the highest ideals of citizenship and citizen centric services with special reference to women, weaker sections and minorities, who are endowed with the necessary intellectual acumen, moral commitment and professional competence to meet hands-on, the challenges of crime, justice and public safety in a free society.

RRU endeavors to build sustainable solutions pertaining to National Security, Factors contributing to the advancement of human development, sports, employment and entrepreneurship generation for sustainable livelihood – all contributing to Atmanirbhar and Atmasurakshit Bharat – realizing the honour given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister as the Jewel of the Nation for the Shaskat Bharat.

Although partly funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the University is resolved to become self-sustainable through building public-private partnership with industry, organisations, philanthropist individuals, Indian Diaspora among others. We would like to invite you to work with as a partner to act as a force multiplier through CSR support in the various initiatives of RRU. We are particularly looking forward for generous support, donation and establishment of chairs, project funding under CSR or otherwise.

These are;

Broad Areas of Projects:

  1. Enhancing India’s Police Image
  2. Empowerment of women in national security and police
  3. Successfully implementing community policing model, especially for creating safe-secure environment for children, women, marginalized sections of our society
  4. Providing skilling and upskilling opportunities to rural and semi-urban youth to join corporate and private security
  5. Providing skilling and upskilling opportunities to youth to join armed forces, central armed police forces, central police organisations, state police organisations
  6. Transforming Traffic Management and Discipline culture through various operational and innovative interventions and capacity-building
  7. Development of Advanced Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Laboratory and Datacenter to be used by stakeholders
  8. Mental Health Outreach Services through Public Health Center and Community Health Center.
  9. Strengthening Juvenile Justice system through research, training and awareness
  10. Improving conviction rate and help criminal justice and law enforcement to prevent, reduce and control crime rates, incidents and adverse impact on economy and population
  11. Scouting and nurturing of Sports Talent at rural level especially tribal belts, hilly regions, girls
  12. Development of Sports Infrastructure in Selected Rural Areas to promote Sporting India and contribute to social stability and prosperity
  13. Development of adventure and combat Sports
  14. Training to develop Fire and Safety Professional with perspective of effective employment generation and preventing, reducing, controlling fires, disasters, etc.
  15. Contributing to coastal tourism through clean beaches with the help of local organisations and youth
  16. Enhancing overall standards of delivery of Cash Management and Logistical Services through training.
  17. Creating awareness on cyber security, fraud-theft, especially to family members of armed and police personnel
  18. Creating awareness program for financial inclusion, as part of financial security, to members and family members of armed and police personnel
  19. Development of Yoga in everyday life for sustainable health.
  20. Undertaking training and research initiatives towards water security (rain water harvesting, borewell recharge, lake development and recharge), as one of the Panch Shaktis identified by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Rain Water Harvesting
  21. Chair of Excellence in Specified Areas pertaining to National Security

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Skill Development Training programme

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Project AKLVYS

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RRU’s initiative at Rural Level through Mental Health Center