Emeritus Resource Faculty, School of Internal Security and Police Administration(SISPA)


During her service she worked hard to ensure that Law and Order was preserved, to protect the underprivileged and weaker sections of society, to introduce innovations particularly in the field of cyber crime and detection. Crime records and finger prints were digitized for the first time through a programme called FACTS(Finger Print and Criminal Tracking System), the Recruitment process was computerized and Police Station records and processes were also computerized. This led to quicker and more efficient detection of crime, reduced response time, and smoother working of systems.

She was hand picked by the Chief Minister to form the Women’s Protection Cell to investigate crimes against women and increase awareness among women about laws pertaining to their protection, at a time when these Acts were framed and introduced.

As the Inspector General of the State Human Rights Commission, she liaised with the National Human Rights Commission and played an important role in the State to curb Human Rights violations

As the first woman Special Director General in a Central Police Force, when posted in insurgent and extremist affected States, she toured extensively, including on foot to maintain law and order and ensured that no atrocities were committed, especially in remote, inaccessible areas.

She was selected by the Prime Minister to head the prestigious Sardar Vallabbhai Patel National Police Academy, which trains all IPS Officers, that is new entrants to the Service and Serving Officers of all ranks.

During her tenure, the DGP conference was held in the Academy for the first time and the present Prime Minister attended for two days, along with the Union Home Minister, other Ministers, National Security Advisor and others.

Training programs were conducted for other Services, including, among others, the Judiciary, Foreign, Administrative, Revenue (Income Tax and Customs),Postal and Forest Services. The training covered a wide range of subjects, primarily cyber crime, cyber security, tactics and management.

Visiting speakers were invited from various fields – the Dalai Lama, Dr. Raghuram Rajan Governor RBI, Dr. Panagariya of the Niti Aayog, Dr Lalji Singh former Director CCMB, Gopal Krishna Gandhi former Governor West Bengal, Nasirudin Shah, Prakash Jha and Akshay Kumar from the film world, Union and State Ministers and others from varied backgrounds.

Presently engaged in organizing a voluntary organization which involves collection of food from donors and distribution among the needy.