Major International Research Work on Internal Security
UK Policing and SecurityThe research takes a practitioner-led approach, with a focus on assisting government and law enforcement agencies in developing policy and strategy to address complex security challenges.
UK project on nuclear issuesThe research aims to foster the emergence of a next generation of nuclear experts and build a broad knowledge base for the nuclear community.
Future Cyber Security Strategy in UKResearch focuses on existing and future options of cyber security strategy for UK government to formulate a new Strategy post-2021 and goal of it is to identify the roles of individuals in cyber security.
Understanding the public’s priorities for policing in UK  The research is related to public expectation from Police, public understanding of modern policing along with their priorities and practices in 2019.
Developing a tailored approach to policing young adults in UK  This research is related to the Knowledge Exchange Network that brings together police Inspectors and Chief Inspectors from across England and Wales to co-create new and better ways of policing young adults aged 18-25 by Police Foundation.
Gun Policy in USAThe primary focus of the research was the systematic review of 18 broad classes of gun policies that have been implemented in some states and the effects of those policies on various outcomes.
Software Acquisition Workforce Initiative for the Department of Defense, USAResearch is on proliferation of the software acquisition workforce to rapidly and reliably deliver complex software-dependent capabilities through an enhanced understanding of technical competencies, improvements in education and training, and guidance for workforce management and assessment of  the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
Arctic Climate Change: Implications for U.S. National SecurityResearch emphases on American infrastructure, regional food webs and population health because Arctic climate change threatens U.S. national security and above said domains were main affected domains.
Internal security research (Policy oriented) by National Institute of Defense studies, JapanResearch on various security issues in Japan which includes Strategic environment in the Asia Pacific region, Global security challenges, the role of modern conflict and military power and Management and operation of the Self-Defense Forces.
Cyber Security Policy Model, IsraelThis research is conducted by Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) which examines the elements of the creation of a cyber-security policy model at a national level. It further introduces comparable policies including the balancing of cyber security with civil liberties, cybercrime policy, adherence to international law and international humanitarian law, forms of regulation (technological standards, legislation, courts, markets or norms) and prevalent forms of cooperation (intra-governmental, regional, public-private platform (PPP) and inter-governmental cooperation).
The Past, Present, and Future of Russia’s Cyber Strategy and Forces, RussiaThe research focuses on more detailed data and analysis on the role of cyber-attacks in Russia’s security strategy and its reflection in the evolution of Russia’s cyber forces.
 National security policy and practice in AustraliaThis project encompasses historical and contemporary research across a range of discrete traditional and non-traditional security topics informed by theoretical and applied empirical scholarship.
Chinese Views of Big Data AnalyticsResearch topic on national big data strategy, an effort that encompasses economic, military, police, and intelligence functions.
China sets up national laboratory for advanced policingLaboratory named National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) for Big Data Application on Social Security Risks Sensing, Prevention and Control was setup by China Electronics Technology Group (2020) to perform research on advanced policing techniques such as prediction of criminal behavior and emotion recognition.
Radicalisation: Perspectives from India and BangladeshThis is a joint research collaboration between CLAWS (New Delhi) – Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) (Bangladesh) where key challenges like Radicalisation, Female, Cyber, Strategy and Countering Violent Extremism are discussed.
Community policing in Sri Lanka: a foundation for wider police reform?  This study is related to community policing where purpose is often to improve community-police relations and ensure greater police responsiveness to local safety and security issues
The Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS) conducts research and study on Bangladeshi and South Asian conflict and security issues.The research study mainly focuses on traditional and non – traditional security issues in its analyses where aim is to strengthen regional perspectives towards human security.
Responding to Emerging Security Challenges in NATO’s Southern NeighbourhoodThe project is on in-depth analysis of geo-political, socio-economic and energy related challenges that may impose upon the security of NATO’s southern neighbourhood and focuses on scenario building to develop alternative futures for the region.
Justice programme “J-safe: judicial strategy against all forms of violent extremism in prison”Goal of research is to explore prison radicalisation, the related strategies or risk assessment tools already implemented in order to identify gaps and lacks in preventing radicalisation that leads to terrorism in European countries’ prisons.
European forum for Urban security  This research focuses on sensitize local actors and strengthen their capacity to reduce collective defenselessness to radicalization while reducing the phenomenon of polarization.
Pakistan National Internal Security Policy 2018-2023Research paper is on the National Internal Security Policy (NISP) 2018 that provides a comprehensive framework for dealing with internal security challenges such as Extremism and terrorism.